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18-07-2008 06:34:55

two questions

- is there any way to look up a user by their email address ?

and more importantly

- does anyone know the person that uses this email= ?

They went green for me on a site, but I have no idea who they are or how they found my site. I have tried emailing them over the last few days, but no response. I'd like to pay them for the green.



18-07-2008 06:59:13

No users match that here (at least none that registered with that address).

It's cool you're tracking the person down to pay them.


18-07-2008 07:23:40

i'll give your first +k for that D


18-07-2008 07:47:45

why don't you just pay me and I'll track them down...

+karma as well.


29-07-2008 08:03:54

I've had one person go green for me and I paid him. Paypal put the money back in my account because he never claimed the money. I've done all I could think of to get him paid, but he has not gotten back to me!! I guess when he wants his money, he'll get in touch with me.
I also have a ref on a site and I have no clue where he/she came from!! I've asked the site for help, but they just tell me 'congrats'! So far he/she has not gone green and has not responded to my emails either!
Kind of weird, huh?!


29-07-2008 12:18:10

^ no, not weird. i'm sure someone just stumbled across a trainn site somehow, saw "GET YOUR FREE PS3!!!!" and got all amped up, signed up and then saw he actually had to do something and then quit.

then again, how he got your reflink is a mystery, so disregard all that D