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01-07-2008 15:08:31

All I can say is wow! I sat down and turned on the TV (still in Ireland) and this movie was just beginning, so I thought I'd watch it. Turns out to be one of my favorite movies. This movie is amazing in terms of cinematography and storyline. The plot is intense and totally gives a different perspective (good and bad) on nationalism / white supremacy / racism. I understand that those are all different things but the movie explains how people interpret them to be the same/different. It's a delightful movie at the beginning and terribly depressing (graphic) by the end so don't watch with the kids. I don't normally suggest films but you MUST see it. I just looked up reviews and it appears that it did really well.

Go buy/rent/download!


01-07-2008 18:35:02

Is the movie called "This is England" ?


01-07-2008 20:24:06

Yup, amazingly powerful movie.


01-07-2008 20:25:54

i thought you were in england


01-07-2008 20:42:04

In a nutshell

[spoiler356643b5a3]The film begins in July 1983. Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) is a young schoolboy on his last day of term. Before school he visits a newsagents shop, where the store owner demands he purchase the comic book he is perusing or get out. When Shaun refuses, the owner calls the police. Shaun relents and leaves the store; outside some boys tease him for his oversized trousers as he leaves. At school, an older boy also teases Shaun for his trousers in the school yard; when the teasing escalates to a rude comment about Shaun's deceased father, a fight breaks out. The two boys are separated and taken away to be punished by their headmaster.

Later that day, Shaun encounters a small group of young, cheerful skinheads while walking through a tunnel on his way home. The friendliest and most outgoing of the bunch, Woody (Joseph Gilgun) notices that Shaun appears down and invites the younger boy to sit down with them for a while. Another boy, Gadget, arrives with alcohol, and immediately appears disgruntled at the appearance of Shaun, who Woody has warmly welcomed. When some of the boys begin teasing Shaun for his pants, an argument erupts, ending in Shaun running away after Gadget begins to push him around. Woody angrily reprimands Gadget for his bullying.

At home, Shaun tells his mother he has spent the entire day being teased. She firmly tells him that despite the teasing and unhappiness he is experiencing, their only choice is to bear with it.

Time passes into Shaun's holiday. He spends much of it alone, until Gadget arrives at his home dressed in an oversized coat, draped with hunting equipment. He tells Shaun that Woody was upset about what happened before and wants Shaun to join them on their "Hunting" trip. Shaun agrees and happily joins them in their game of gutting out abandoned buildings, all the while dressed in a variety of colorful, odd costumes. As the day passes, Gadget, tired and annoyed with being constantly teased by the others, loses his temper after the boys pull a prank on him and takes it out on Shaun. With the mediating of Woody, however, the two boys come to terms with one another.

Inspired by his new friends, Shaun asks his mother to purchase him a pair of Doc Martens. His mother dislikes them, however, and the shop owner reveals the shoes are unavailable in children's sizes. Instead he settles for a pair of somewhat similar boots in his size. Later, Shaun is initiated into the group of skinheads; the girls of the group (in particular, Woody's girlfriend Lol) shave his head and they present him with a new shirt and braces to complete his outfit. He is easily welcomed into their group. Shaun's mother is displeased with his haircut and confronts them about their influence on him, but in the end thanks them for helping Shaun gain some confidence.

The skinheads have a house party where they encourage the "breaking in" of Shaun, sex-wise. Smell, a loudly dressed girl Shaun seems to have a crush on, takes him away from the party and into a shed where she kisses him. Meanwhile, the party is crashed by an angry, leather-clad man who threatens the group. All is well, however, when the man is revealed to have been sent in by Combo, an older skinhead who has spend the last three and a half years in prison. He is a stranger to all but Woody and Lol; Woody accredits Combo with having saved him from the same fate of imprisonment. As the evening progresses, it becomes evident that Combo is involved in white supremacy; Milky, who is half Jamaican, is obviously troubled by the conversation, but the others appear either too uncomfortable or untroubled by the subject matter to speak.

The next day in the group's regular coffee shop, Lol is angry with Woody, blaming him for allowing Combo to behave poorly in front of their friends. Some of their friends, however, do not really seem too troubled by Combo, who suddenly appears at the shop. He asks Woody to come outside to talk, and seems to take special interest in Shaun. It is revealed the group is invited over to Combo's residence later to talk.

At the meeting, Combo apologizes to Milky for making racist remarks previously, but blames the others for not speaking up in Milky's defense. Combo begins making a speech about the state of unemployment in England, and the weaknesses of the Thatcher government, blaming these problems greatly on immigrants in England. Shaun becomes angry when Combo speaks crudely of the soldiers fighting in the Falklands War, as it was in that very war his father perished. He takes a few swings at Combo, who seems impressed. He tells Shaun that he has to join his cause in order to avenge his father's death. Combo tells the group that they can either join him or leave. Woody and Lol immediately stand to go; however, Gadget and Pukey say they want to stay. Milky seems reluctant to leave and Woody begs his forgiveness for not standing up for him before; Milky then agrees to leave. Shaun, however, wants to stay in order to make his father proud. Woody is unhappy with this and Lol is reluctant to leave the young boy behind; in the end, however, they decide that Shaun has made his choice.

Combo takes his new gang to a meeting of the National Front. Pukey seems unimpressed by the presentation, but the others are enthusiastic. In the car, Shaun presents to Combo the flag of England they got for him; Combo is very pleased. Pukey, however, asks Combo if he really believes in "all that shit". Combo furiously stops the car and pulls Pukey out, hitting him and accusing him of mouthing off in front of "his troupes". Pukey is left on the side of the road after begging Shaun and Gadget to stay with him after being kicked out.

Combo's gang begins their work they leave racist graffiti on a tunnel leading to a factory with a large immigrant personnel, threaten and bully young boys playing football, and rob the newsagents shop Shaun was banned from at the beginning of the film. The gang shows up at Smell's birthday party with offerings of cake, cigarettes and booze; Woody and Lol immediately leave. Meanwhile, Shaun asks the much older Smell to be his girlfriend, and she agrees.

Later, Combo intercepts Lol on her way to work, asking her for a few minutes to talk. She angrily tells him she is not interested, as he has ruined everything since coming back and she is already late. When he asks her if he can return in the evening, she agrees to talk for a few minutes. In the car, he reminisces about a sexual encounter the two had before he went to prison; he tells her it was a beautiful night and all that kept him going throughout his time in prison. Lol, on the other hand, tells him it was the worst night of her life and wants nothing more than to forget it; she was 16 and very intoxicated at the time. Combo confesses his love to her and she turns him down. After she leaves, Combo begins to cry in his car, and is seen banging his head against his window.

Next, Combo waits for Milky on his way home; Milky is with one of the girls, walking her home. Combo asks him if he can sell him any weed. At first, Milky is hesitant, but after Combo says he will split an ounce with him, he agrees to help him out. Combo brings Milky to his flat, where his gang and Smell are hanging out. They all agree that they have no problem with Milky being there, although Combo's prison friend seems reluctant. They all get high, and Milky and Combo seem to bond over their shared taste in music. Smell and Gadget leave when Gadget becomes ill.

The conversation moves to the topic of family; Milky reveals that he has a very large extended family (something which Combo had previous disparaged) but they are all very happy; even his uncle, who has many children with three different women, spends time with all of his kin. He also reveals that although his father was away for much of his youth, he was still loved and respected because he worked hard to put food on the table. Milky also invites Combo to come eat with his family, to see the way they lived. Combo seems troubled by this, tearing up, and asks Milky what he believes makes a poor father. Milky is surprised at the questions Combo is asking him he asks Combo what he believes to make a poor father. Combo says he believes black men to make the worst fathers and Milky is surprised by Combo's sudden hostility and usage of the n-word.

Combo quickly becomes violent, and relentlessly attacks Milky. Shaun becomes distressed by this, but is pinned down by the ex-con. When Combo finally stops, he kicks Shaun out of the room. The ex-con states he wants in on the attack; Combo responds by smashing a bottle over the man's face. Lenny, the other remaining member, tell Combo he is insane; Combo threatens him and throws him out of the flat. He turns back to Milky; his rage winding down, he begins to beg Milky's still form not to go after the others, as they had no part in the attack. Upon closer inspection of the body, however, he realizes he has most likely killed him. Shaun comes back into the room; both are hysterical with grief. Combo begins to calm down and demands that Shaun to stop crying - as "real men don't cry" - and help him take Milky's body to the hospital.

The Falklands War ends. Shaun's mother comes into his bedroom, where he is staring at his father's military portrait. The pair reminisce over happier times when the patriarch was still alive. Shaun's mother asks him if he is okay, and tells him everything will be alright.

Later, Shaun returns to the beach he visited at the beginning of his summer holiday. He balls up the St George's Cross Combo had given him as a present, and throws it into the water. Shaun stares blankly forward, before his eyes briefly make contact with the camera as the film closes.[/spoiler356643b5a3]


01-07-2008 21:26:51

That was a rather large nutshell.


01-07-2008 22:09:32

It was a Brazil Nut.


01-07-2008 22:12:25

Witty. Did you have to google "huge nuts" to find that one? ;)


01-07-2008 22:17:44

Sounds good, will check out.


02-07-2008 10:43:03

[quote0aa2c7cda4="J4320"]Witty. Did you have to google "huge nuts" to find that one? ;)[/quote0aa2c7cda4]
He already had it in his bookmarks.


02-07-2008 10:55:07

Just cause u said it i downloaded it last night, so ill be watching it soon