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29-06-2008 12:21:56

I've done all types of freebie sites and stuff, I've done the DIY and referral sites. But, today I was looking around the internet and found something that might be worth a shot. I know there are a lot of scams, bu tthis one actually makes sense. I found and it looks interesting. You pay for the service to get it started, and then it's just like the stock market, except it does the trading automatically for you. You can start with fake money to see how it would work out, and then put actually money into it. After looking for reviews online, I'm seriously considering trying this site, and it does offer a money back guarantee. $100 to start is kind of lame, but this is one of those "money making" sites that actually makes sense. I don't believe the whole "get rid of your job and get this" stuff, but it does seem like it can make a few bucks. Anybody looked into this, or tried it before?


29-06-2008 12:42:24

Google them and you'll see joining them would be a bad idea.

Just looking at the site should tell you the same.


29-06-2008 22:19:17

FAPS, lol
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