anyone willing to write articles about freebies?

Live forum:


27-06-2008 10:14:50

i need someone to write articles about freebies. i dunno if this is allowed here but if it isn please just delete this. im me at ycincentives if you are interested.


27-06-2008 10:40:01

Are you paying?


27-06-2008 12:16:36

This sort of thing seems to show up every couple months and it's rare you'll find takers.

Just warning you.

Also, your website is fucked because there's no homepage, and a very nonexistent forum. If you're trying to make a forum like this one, you may as well redirect your page to this forum and save yourself the headache.


27-06-2008 12:17:00

you should elaborate on this alot more. whats the article for? pay? length? background info on why we'd do this and stuff.


27-06-2008 15:07:54

there are tons of instructions on how to do this at