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25-06-2008 14:56:59

I have a Sharp Color Laser printer for my business, bought from a company that is now out of business and taken over by another company. My fiancee's Father (owner of my business) called to get a price quote for toner from this new company, we found the toner online at a better price. A few days later toner showed up at his door step from that new company via DHL, No signature of acceptance.

Now they want their money for the toner we never ordered. They call and call, we tell them we never ordered we just called for pricing. Of course they keep saying we have the DHL proof it was left at the door step (well dah).

What is your take on the situation?

by the way, yes we did receive our "FREE" toner from them.


25-06-2008 15:02:12

If you kept it, I think legally you have to pay for it. Did it say free on the invoice that came with it?


25-06-2008 15:15:43

Yea, I agree with Twon. If you have used the toner that they sent, even though you didn't order it, you have to pay for it.

If you didn't order it, all you had to do was call them up, say you didn't order this toner and return it to them. I mean, what company is going to send out toner to someone who hasn't paid for it yet?

It seems to me, this new company tried the whole, "Send them something that looks like it is for free and then tell them they have to pay for it" deal.

But yea, once you use the toner or even open the toner box, you have to pay for it, whether you ordered it or not.


25-06-2008 16:40:54

I would have returned the toner. DHL isn't the USPS, where the law says if you receive something in the mail you didn't order, then you're allowed to keep it. That doesn't apply to private carriers.

You sure you don't have a contract with the printer supplier for toner? Many will give away or rent for very cheap a printer/copier when you sign a contract to use X amount of toner per year. They automatically deliver the toner and bill you for it.

But if this is simply a case of not ordering it, you could return to sender and be done with it.


25-06-2008 17:39:18

No there is no contract with previous company nor new company.

My fiancee's father is finally going to take care of this, really he should because he started it.

So I'll let you know what happens


25-06-2008 19:28:45

cool plz keep us updated


25-06-2008 19:49:27

[quote671e0eefea="ilanbg"]cool plz keep us updated[/quote671e0eefea]

i laughed so hard at this. Even though you're a jerk D