Going to Ireland for a week und heif

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22-06-2008 22:58:59

So this Tuesday I'll be heading over to the little ol' island of Ireland. Seeing as my parents planned it, I won't be taking the normal tours (they hate being tourists). However, I will be taking a lot of pictures. I have a Canon xSi and xTi as well as a D80 so I'm set in terms of equipment. Tomorrow I'll put up a link to a Flickr account or something and you guys can track me as I go through the country. I will do my best to update at every stop. I like pictures and especially when I'm bored so I thought I would amuse you with my photographs. If there are any MUST GO places, tell me, I'm usually left alone for a couple of days on vacation and I would love to travel around.


22-06-2008 23:04:20

St. Kevin's Stump



24-06-2008 03:31:45

umm dublin is probably the worst part of ireland, try and see the coastline - but except that you should have fun, especially if you enjoy drinking...lol!


25-06-2008 04:02:46

Got in about 3 hours ago. Flew into Shannon and drove to NewMarket-on- Fergus. I'm staying at the Dromoland Castle in some bad ass suite. It was originally 1,000EU ontop of our current rate but my mom got some deal so we are paying like 150EU + original rate. It's a sweet castle and I'll probably check out the bar once it reaches lunchtime. My brother and dad are golfing on a pretty course. I'd upload pictures but the XTi has CF cards and my laptop doesnt have a reader. I'll have to pic up a USB or use the XSi. More updates soon!

Hotel http//www.dromoland.ie/


25-06-2008 13:20:26

Jams44 - that place looks fancy! have a blast!