Does IGN's not accept PayPal debit cards?

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21-06-2008 13:39:40

I tried purchasing the Spore Creature Creator download. I tried three different times using my physical card. Then I tried a few times with the PayPal temporary card creator (PayPal plugin). Every time it gets rejected.

Any ideas?

If I bought the game directly from EA it's like an extra $6.00 because of some protective download thing, thus costing more than purchasing the physical disc.


21-06-2008 16:18:57

You may want to see if Paypal has posted any announcements that the cards are having some temporary issues. I have never had any issues using the card on other websites. Maybe the website you are trying to use instead of EA doesn't accept Paypal. Just a few suggestions.


21-06-2008 16:29:34

I never usually have issues either. A few days ago I just used my card to reserve two games over at GameStop.

Oh well.

I get this

"We are unable to complete your purchase at this time. Your order has been temporarily placed on hold, pending additional verification. To complete your purchase, please contact Customer Service at"

So I contacted support, and got an automated reply about this topic

[quotec0c54ab6ef]Thank you for contacting Account Services at IGN. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are a no-card-present mercantile and in order to protect your credit card must handle this responsibly.

NO ORDER WAS PLACED - Your transaction was declined.

The following reasons for purchase failure may apply to you. Please review these carefully to ensure your success purchasing

1. First contact your bank to ensure your limit accommodates your purchase price. Also make sure that you and your bank match information. Should you have moved, you will want to update your mailing address. Banks decline your use of the card when the address does not match their records.
2. Are you traveling? Some restrictions apply to downloads. You may not be eligible in the country you are currently residing in regardless of your mailing address.
3. Are you the cardholder? It may be best to have the cardholder with you when using their card to ensure accuracy.

MMO games have certain restrictions. Please visit http// for more information.

If you would like a Support Representative to approve your purchase with you, please reply to this ticket either by email directly (please do not make a new email) or by visiting http// and click on Ticket History.

Thank you ![/quotec0c54ab6ef]

I responded and said for a support representative to contact me regarding the purchase, so we'll see what happens.

What kind of additional verification could they possibly need?!


23-06-2008 15:14:06

I just bought it from EA. I didn't realize you can remove their extended download service from the cart. P


23-06-2008 15:39:06



23-06-2008 16:14:26

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23-06-2008 16:29:22

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24-06-2008 23:55:48

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25-06-2008 06:37:22

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25-06-2008 07:00:27

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25-06-2008 07:02:46

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