New Forum: Hobbies & Special Interests

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16-06-2008 09:10:27

We've opened up a new forum called Hobbies & Special Interests, to better organize non-freebie discussions around some areas that are popular across the membership. Aside from the general parent forum, there are currently 3 subforums

-Video Games
-Sports & Other Games

Some relevant topics have been moved from Off Topic to those subforums to get the ball rolling.


16-06-2008 09:51:53

Do not see.

Does not work.

liClicks on moved Photo threadli
I can see.


16-06-2008 10:03:55

yeah something is not right.


16-06-2008 10:06:25

Fixed, should work now.

It was still hidden.


16-06-2008 10:10:20

Really? Everything looks right, I just confirmed permissions too. Log out and
log back in maybe? I'll try one of my test accounts here in a bit.

EDIT n/m, TSJ beat me to it.


16-06-2008 10:22:40

Yeah it works. Dmo = fails. First time, probably only time, mark your calenders.


16-06-2008 10:30:02

I'm glad I was here to witness this.

next time he tells me I'm wrong about something....

"Oh yeah, well remember that time on June 16th, when you couldn't get the new forum right????"



16-06-2008 10:31:14

Don't be TOO hard on Dmo, I created the forum originally and marked it hidden while we worked on it.


16-06-2008 10:43:54

[quotecf196dccde="CollidgeGraduit"]Don't be TOO hard on Dmo, I created the forum originally and marked it hidden while we worked on it.[/quotecf196dccde]
So there. P


16-06-2008 11:52:18

Yeah but HE made the post saying it was live, and failed. So he still will be brought down!


16-06-2008 12:00:17

In his defense, he is like...a grandpa...


16-06-2008 12:59:24

I knew something was different. Before I logged in I could feel the sexual energy overflowing from FiPG.


16-06-2008 14:13:25

it's too far away for me to go, so I'll stay in OT.


16-06-2008 20:12:11

Dang kids with their fancy subforums.

In my day we had the Off Topic section and that was good enough for us!