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10-06-2008 20:19:26

Over the past two years I've been working pretty hard as an admin at LiteraryMary[=http//literarymary.com/forum/index.php]LiteraryMary, which is a growing forum for writers and poets.

About six months ago we decided to start a print literary journal. This has grown way larger than I initially expected, and I'm pretty excited about it. We're currently accepting submissions for fiction, poetry, and photography—I'm posting this here to give it a little more publicity, and because I know there are writers/photographers on this forum that might be interested in something like this.

More details are available on the call for submissions page[=http//literarymary.com/]call for submissions page. I think our page on duotrope[=http//www.duotrope.com/market_2909.aspx]page on duotrope is actually a little clearer in terms of guidelines, so be sure to check that out as well.

I'm open to any questions and discussion, yo.


11-06-2008 03:47:37

I'll run this by a few good writers I know.

BTW, thanks for your hard work as an admin there. It can be hard keeping those English majors / literary types in line.


11-06-2008 06:10:40

Especially with all that free time P


11-06-2008 09:26:35

Are there any submissions that will be taboo?


11-06-2008 10:00:24

[quote633bf29e0e="KeithA"]I'll run this by a few good writers I know.[/quote633bf29e0e]

Awesome, thanks mate.

[quote633bf29e0e="ESMcCready"]Are there any submissions that will be taboo?[/quote633bf29e0e]

Nope. We're taking a look at anything, and accepting it on the basis of its quality alone.


11-06-2008 10:08:36

ok so if I give you a romance short storyit should be good?


11-06-2008 10:32:07

Mos def.


11-06-2008 11:40:33

[quoteec2e9d34ac="ESMcCready"]ok so if I give you a romance short storyit should be good?[/quoteec2e9d34ac]

Does it involve a hot woman and tentacles?


11-06-2008 11:43:58

It's probably more graphic than her posts on this forum. So it's a porno novel.


11-06-2008 14:23:42

I'm down.


12-06-2008 08:34:45

i love you guys too. im having to take a leave of absence from here so maybe, if ilanbq would be so kind, he can post a sample of my submission up for me.

It's kinda an old story that I wrote a long time ago but I've been in the process of revamping it.

NO (unfornately) there will be no hot woman and tentacles. And believe it or not, I'm more of a sensual person when it comes down to my romantic writing.

I'm a sensual person before a sexual person...

If you want to read some of my writings, you can on my blog on my USER profile. The link to the Prelude is below



12-06-2008 09:46:24

why a LOA?


12-06-2008 10:22:27

you can read about it under the "scammers & problem traders" thread. just having alot of problems...