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09-06-2008 14:23:35

I am trying to find the best hosting. I have been looking at host gator. I wanted to know what is your opinion on this site. Also, what features would you recommend for a freebie site.


09-06-2008 14:30:00

please don't open a freebie site[=http//]please don't open a freebie site


09-06-2008 18:52:26

why shouldn't i open a freebie site?


09-06-2008 18:57:57

because of the reasons outlined in this thread[=http//]because of the reasons outlined in this thread


09-06-2008 19:39:48

Because you will crash and burn.


09-06-2008 19:44:05

Like a Mongolian male pornstar.


09-06-2008 19:47:48

You guys are meanies


09-06-2008 20:03:46

Nah, go ahead and open a freebie site. It is somewhat fun to watch people learn about reality the hard way.


09-06-2008 20:18:45

First of all you ask for a good name,


people told you not shouldn't start one,

next you ask if anyone on a freebie forum knows how people start a freebie site

People warn you again that you shouldn't start one, especially in the shape the freebie scene is in

then you ask about hosting (assuming that this is for your freebie site you STILL plan to open)

Step 1- Ask people for a name
Step 2- Ask people how to create the site
Step 3- Ask people where to host the site
Step 4- Make Moniez?

When I look at this list, I see a lot of steps skipped, and you will never make the business work correctly with skipping the steps. I have done several different sites and been around the scene for years, and I still wouldn't at all feel like I could run a quality site without major help from other veterans, I don't really see why you think it will be so easy.

Not trying to be rude in any of this, but people have explained the warnings in ALL of your threads, I just hope you have a lot of capital laying around if you want to make this work, otherwise all of it that you do have laying around is going to go down with this liinvestmentli...


10-06-2008 04:51:39

You told me I am right then ask this dumb question? Honestly, what is up with you? You know what go ahead and start your site. The minute users find out they have to wait 1.5 months for payout they will not do your site. And with referral sites do you honestly think you will make a profit upfront? I honestly do not think you have any clue how much offers really payout. I told you I have many affiliate accounts, I know how much they pay out.

On a side note the guy pm's me and tells me I sound knowledgeable about this. I tell him some good advice, then he makes more of these threads. I told him he could even make a blog and make money or start something he will enjoy. He then tries to find out how to do that. All this guy wants to do is make money by creating a site.

Back to you my friend Any site you make requires a lot of hard work of countless hours. How will you get traffic/members and most important of all why will these people choose your site? This bit of advice goes for any site. With your mentality no site you will start will be profitable if you can't even find a good hosting company or name.


10-06-2008 09:21:40

I do understand all these warnings, but i do have some common sense. for example I have complete numerous freebie sites, which has got me capital. That money is surely enough for the first month. Then, I will get my money back from the advertisers. After a couple of months I will have be on the positive side. Plus, I do understand how this industry works after working with it for two years. I am also positive host gator is a great hosting company.


10-06-2008 09:30:41

Also you guys are so worried about money. How much you think I will be spending to get the site running. I have a fairly good idea, but I want to know what you think it is?


10-06-2008 10:14:58

I'm sorry to put it so bluntly, but all these questions prove that you don't know what you're doing and that you're likely to get burned. With the kinds of basic questions you're asking on this site, it is painfully apparent that you are underestimating how hard this is going to be. People are trying to help you by pointing out that this isn't as easy as you think it is. Sure, some are natural aholes, but powerbook probably gave you a sincere advice. You asked how people open a freebie site, which is the most basic question you can ask.

If you're still adamant about going this route, maybe spare us by not making a new thread for each of your questions. More importantly, understand that since you're going to start a business, you should learn all this for yourself (outside of the forum) or pay someone to take on certain aspects of the site for you. As for choosing a host, ask the person you are hiring to take care of the web site for you. I'm assuming that if you knew how to build the site yourself, you would've known how to pick your host.


10-06-2008 10:17:28

You have no sensible idea of how much a top of the line site costs to get running. This is why you are asking. You aren't going to open one up for 2,000 and expect people to do it. You need months and months worth of capital to send out gifts. Your logic makes no sense. You cannot wait for the affiliate to payout if you want to send gifts. How will you even compete with any of the sites. If you cannot offer instant payouts for users you will not get any business now a days. By all means go ahead and start your site. You will learn a very valuable lesson.


11-06-2008 16:46:34

He'll only break through if his site happens to be better than and nothing is better than that site.


12-06-2008 05:47:37

[quote577e395ee0="J4320"]He'll only break through if his site happens to be better than and nothing is better than that site.[/quote577e395ee0]

that website is awesome!!!