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09-06-2008 13:14:06

Hey I just started this GPT site called where I am making tons of money doing surveys and what not, and then withdrawing the money through paypal to pay for refs for the TRAINN sites and others requiring CC. There are a plethora of free offers at this site and if you want to learn how to use and do GPT sites, go to my blog here at http//[]http// . It is a fairly new blog but it has two sites that you won't regret joining and a step by step guide on how to complete offers. Only reason I am reccomending this site is so you can make free paypal money (or check) to pay for your referrals on CC sites like TRAINN. If you have any questions just PM me.

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09-06-2008 13:31:32

Step 1 Get that reflink out of your sig
Step 2 Re-read (wait, who am I kidding?)--READ the rules of this forum.
Step 3 Ask yourself whether the oldest "GPT"-centric community on the web needs another "how-to"

Other than that, welcome )