Opening a freebie site

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09-06-2008 12:28:46

I was wondering how all these people open these freebie sites. Does anyone know?


09-06-2008 12:32:06

I responded to your pm. The rule of thumb that was established here is that if you have to ask you shouldn't start one. My PM is very truthful, and actually informative so read it. I'm giving you the true facts. Hell, I am sure some of the site owners on here would not want to start a site now a days.


09-06-2008 12:37:54

I wouldn't.


09-06-2008 12:43:55

Not to sound snarky, but if you have to ask, I hope you aren't planning to open one yourself anytime soon.

The people who open (successful) sites are usually those who started out in this as a hobby, and educated themselves as to how the industry works behind the scenes. Then they accumulated some capital (or recruited investors), worked out a business plan, and started small with attention to a level of service or other unique "gimmicks" that get them noticed over the competition. It helps to have a positive reputation in forum circles beforehand to help get you off the ground, although that's not always required (as evidenced by the owner of one of the more popular site here). Besides, the most successful sites don't cater strictly to the "professional" freebie crowd you find here -- they would go broke if they did -- instead they make their money from massive marketing and the resulting breakage.

Keep up the reputation and the level of service, and the business will grow itself. Underestimate the commitment, be lax with service or late to pay, wait for payments from advertisers before paying customers (common when sites don't start with enough capital), and you won't survive long. There are more startup freebie site carcasses lying dead by the roadside than there are thriving, successful ones, so don't think it's easy to be successful just because it appears a lot of people are doing it. Even some, like Gratis/Freepay and OfferCentric, who were once icons of the industry and responsible for sites like FiPG, have fallen from general favor (with people like us) due to declining customer service and addition of onerous terms and restrictions through the years.