new site I fould for getting apple products!

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30-05-2008 10:35:41

A new place I have found, As far as I know. The cool thing is some of the offers are free! So if you want just sign up through mine. Its got a macbook air, which I have found really cool (most places with a macbook air do NOT have any free offers)


anyways check it out, its really nice!


30-05-2008 10:44:47

Bant! It would be better if you could read the rules cock gobbler!


30-05-2008 10:47:24

Go away.


30-05-2008 10:51:19

wait, I thought that this could be added to the list! It looks like a good site!


30-05-2008 10:56:11

WAIT! Read the rules!


30-05-2008 11:06:43

yeah, you can't have ref links lol.


30-05-2008 12:14:57

Item Referrals Required
8GB iPod Touch 9
Macbook Air 1.6ghz 48
iPod Shuffle 1GB 2
iPod Nano 8GB 6
Apple iPhone 8GB - 02 Locked 13
iPod Classic 80GB 7
Mac mini MA608B/A, Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz 18
Macbook 13-inch 2GHZ With Combo DVD/CD-RW Drive 30


01-06-2008 18:25:02

9 refs for an iPod?!? My god, requirements are getting to low to compete with.


01-06-2008 20:10:56

[quote87e1cd4ec7="turbohim"]9 refs for an iPod?!? My god, requirements are getting to low to compete with.[/quote87e1cd4ec7]

i no rite?


01-06-2008 21:28:01

is this how you get a free ipod?


01-06-2008 21:31:59

[quotea9dd737986="zr2152"]is this how you get a free iPod?[/quotea9dd737986]

i stole mine from a granny tranny.

it was free. shrug


02-06-2008 06:38:13

Nice offer

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