What Is YOUR View On Sensuality? Spirituality?

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29-05-2008 09:04:25

What do you guys think of the two?

What is your definition of both?

Can both go hand in hand? How do you feel about them within a relationship?

Is one more important to you then the other?

I was having a discussion about these two things last night in a chatroom on MySpace. I was shocked to find that most people think sensuality is a nice way to put sexuality and that sexuality and spirituality should never go hand in hand.

The way I see it, sensuality is more about how you care for your love one. You know, sending them a letter just to say hi or cleaning up the house so they can relax a little more. Planning out a surprise romantic dinner. Holding hands in public, kissing the cheek, holding them close at night. But also your friendships as well. How you treat your friends. What you talk to them about. What you are willing to do for them. These are all examples of our sensuality.

Now spirituality I see kinda outside of religion. Spirituality is more dealing with how we handle situations and most of all our energy. Are you the kind to stay mad at someone or do you get mad and then move on from it? Do you say please and thank you? Do you take time out from the day to be grateful for what you have even though it might not be much? How do you see your friendships? How do you see your lover? How comfortable you are in your own skin?

To me, sensuality and spirituality go hand in hand because both affect how the other is played out. The things you want to do with your lover shows the basics of your spirituality. How you view your energy and your kindness shows how your sensuality is and helps evolve it.

But yea...I just want to see what you guys think of everything. Thanks for the replies in advance!


29-05-2008 10:12:30

[uc53d5a8b9e]the god/religion/spirituality/myth thread[/uc53d5a8b9e][=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=40528&highlight=spirituality][uc53d5a8b9e]the god/religion/spirituality/myth thread[/uc53d5a8b9e]
LOL @ talking about spirituality in a Myspace chatroom.


29-05-2008 10:49:06

is myspace the new aohell?


29-05-2008 11:01:44

I like MySpace when people aren't trying to hack my account. I have both a personal and business account there.


29-05-2008 11:03:28

Hey....... I like kind of like myspace. It's what my friends use so I use it. Other than that, yes it's retarded.


29-05-2008 11:06:54

So J43, you going to send me a friends request on there such I KNOW from another thread you went to look at it.


29-05-2008 11:14:27


Sorry but you'll have to add me. It's too submissive for me to add you. ;)


(time for all of FiPG to lurk my myspace now)


29-05-2008 11:15:08

myspace intervention...



29-05-2008 11:16:30

Tom is a tard.


29-05-2008 11:17:48

lmao @ J43

Ok hun, I'll add ya! So you can still feel like your cock is big...liwinkli


29-05-2008 14:48:10



29-05-2008 14:59:48

geh TylerC...that was just such an inspiring post


29-05-2008 15:03:39

It inspired me to laugh.


29-05-2008 15:12:21

yea...I don't even know why I started this thread...I knew darn well no one was going to really post something about the topic.

But I'll give it a few more days lishrugli


29-05-2008 15:22:34

In the meantime you'll do my offer amirite?!?!


29-05-2008 15:28:39

I probably won't start it until tomorrow...you know...

After my birthday...even know...so far...my whole birthday celebration has taken place basically here...


29-05-2008 15:32:01

Yeah that's fine. I was joking. ;)

Enjoy your birthday you crazy horny woman. Try not to let too many tentacles get you.


29-05-2008 15:39:46

I wish...I can't even get a guy to come over and meet me...

I would probably have more luck cuddling with the tentacles...oh wait...they don't exist lisighli

Right now...it hasn't been much of a birthday


30-05-2008 06:29:11

So uhh, how drunk / high did you get? If you say neither, we officially are over.


30-05-2008 07:10:32


Yea...I've never touched any drug and I only drink winecoolers...

...I did have an interesting dream last night though...


30-05-2008 07:37:02

wine coolers huh? Sounds like a barrel of good times.

Just do what foafy did, say you do not need alcohol or drugs to have a good time, and then 4 months later post how much fun you had while drunk and then post how high you are and how cool it is. Works every time.


30-05-2008 07:41:39

And then have your friend pay someone to make out with you.


30-05-2008 08:18:12

Nah, I rather not. I will NEVER do drugs and I will NEVER get drunk!

I'm naturally loopie. I don't need anything else fucking up my mental state that is already FUCKED UP!


30-05-2008 08:23:32

So you drink winecoolers for the taste? Nice.


30-05-2008 08:25:06

[quotefdb4157a8f="ESMcCready"]Nah, I rather not. I will NEVER do drugs and I will NEVER get drunk![/quotefdb4157a8f]

You and FOAFY really need to get together. He said the same thing a year ago.


30-05-2008 08:32:21

I don't really care what FOAFY said...

I've lost family members and friends alike to drugs. My best friend when I was 6 died from shallowing a crack rock her mother left out.

I lost an Uncle to drowning...even though he was a great swimmer. But he was too drunk to realize what was happening...

So please...lay off the fucking "You're young and you're going to do it" shit.

I'm young, yes, but I have ALOT more common sense and stronger beliefs then most people my, OUR, age. Heavy drinking, intoxication, and "getting high" will NEVER be a part of my life.

My life is shitty but I'm not about to make it worse thinking I can escape it with a bottle of black jack or a "magical" little pill.


30-05-2008 08:55:42

I have common sense -- but I love me some weed.

Drugs and alcohol get a bad rap from the idiots in the world. If you are an idiot while sober, you are an idiot intoxicated.

And if you do drugs to escape life, you need help or you can just kill yourself -- either or. And yes, I have had plenty of friends who killed themselves, and though I miss them -- they are idiots.


30-05-2008 09:20:18

[quote12a410c68f="TryinToGetPaid"]I have common sense -- but I love me some weed.

Drugs and alcohol get a bad rap from the idiots in the world. If you are an idiot while sober, you are an idiot intoxicated.

And if you do drugs to escape life, you need help or you can just kill yourself -- either or. And yes, I have had plenty of friends who killed themselves, and though I miss them -- they are idiots.[/quote12a410c68f]

You really are quite the nice one, aren't you? I for one think it is a good thing when someone sees others around them screw their lives up, and they learn from the mistakes of those they know.


30-05-2008 09:34:22

None of them killed themselves were too big into drinking or drugs -- just depressed about stupid things, like a girlfriend who broke up with you. If you kill yourself over that, sorry, you are an idiot.


30-05-2008 09:38:11

[quote423499c821="TryinToGetPaid"]None of them killed themselves were too big into drinking or drugs -- just depressed about stupid things, like a girlfriend who broke up with you. If you kill yourself over that, sorry, you are an idiot.[/quote423499c821]

Oh alright. You made it sound like something else before. I'll agree with that. I have always thought that suicide is selfish for the friends and family of the individual and that it is the easy way out. I just wish more people got help or listened to the people that care about them.


30-05-2008 10:06:49

Some people give all the calls for help but no one takes them seriously. I, for one, asked for help plenty of times back in my teenage days when I was still trying to handle really horrible things that happen to me from when I was 7 all the way up to 12.

Everyone told me to get over it and it was in the past...and the shrink I went to only wanted to put me on drugs and sedate me. Everyone says you should ask for help. But then when you do, most of them that said that just tell you to get over it and make you feel bad for feeling bad about it, which only makes the problem worse.

I honestly thank the higher powers above for me still being here because I tried plenty of times to do myself in and every time something fucked it up or I woke up wondering how I was still on this earth.

Everyone says its a selfish way out of life but most people who do commit suicide don't do it because they have planned it out but on a whim. Most people who do finally get someone to listen to them before the thoughts settle too deep into the mind, get talked out of it.

All it takes is one person to truly listen to the person and understand. Not look at them and think they are a whimp about life and tell them that. Think about what you tell someone when they are hurting because sometimes it only takes one more word to push them over the edge.

Don't judge people based on your endurance for life or how you can handle something. Something small to you could be something HUGE for them. What you see as just them being depressed about their girlfriend could be linked to a whole shit load of problems that have nothing to do with girls. A depressed person can still put on a smile and tell you everything is ok. A depressed person can still go out with you at night and look like they are having a great time. Someone about to kill themselves can walk out of the house, stare you dead in your face, and smile and say, "See ya around!"

Don't think you know everyone's problems because mostly likely, you have your own that not even your best friend knows about. And if you don't...consider yourself lucky.

62% of american families are now considered dysfunctional. That means that only 38% of families are considered normal.

Meaning that a normal life is the miniority in the USA...that means 4 out of 6 people have had something fucked up happen to them. Broken down even more, that means for every 3 people you meet, 2 of them have a shit load of problems hiding behind their smile.

That means that out of all 50 states, 31 one of them completely and totally have fucked up people living in them.

Don't call people who commit suicide stupid because you only know part of the story...I don't care what ANYONE says. There are some pains that just drive you to want to die right then and there. In the end, I feel sorry for them because most of them just needed someone to care enough to actually understand and help NOT stick their noses up at them and walk off.


30-05-2008 10:12:53

Everyone is fucked up.


30-05-2008 11:31:39

Taking your own life is stupid, there is always tomorrow and the sun will always shine. Taking your own life is selfish, stupid, selfish and fuckin' stupid.

If I came home and my room mate blew his brains out on my fuckin sofa, I would be pissed A) he killed himself, its stupid. B) Blowing your brains out is the most selfish thing you can do. C) He ruined my couch.

If you are going to kill yourself. Write a note, saying how stupid you are for being so selfish and then take some pills and drown into alligator infested water.

The doctor did listen to you and did not want to sedate you, he wanted to give you medicines to stablize your brain because it obviously was/is in dissaray. I like how you say they need people to listen to them, but when the doctor listened and wanted to help you, you thought he just wanted to dope you up. If you want to talk further on AIM, lemme know, I am down and wanted to be a psychiatrist for the longest -- and I have a strong feeling going down that road in public wouldn't be good for you or for everyone else because I feel like the road is long, dark, and scary.


30-05-2008 14:00:05

you know what i love? the people that try to kill themselves and fail.

seriously, how much do you have to suck at life to try to kill yourself and Fail at it.

Now those people are idiots.


30-05-2008 14:11:49

Yeah, that's pretty embarrassing.


30-05-2008 16:07:30

All people who kill themselves are not idiots. Sometimes the pain is so intense that not existing anymore would be better. But then again, I agree that it's stupid to kill yourself over trivial matters like break-ups and etc. But I do believe that sometimes it might be the best answer.

As far as the drugs go, I think they have a well-deserved stigma but if you are a responsible person then using them shouldn't be a problem. Marijuana gave me some of the funniest and most unforgettable nights in my life. PS -- IMO, smoking marijuana during the day sucks. And so does getting stoned every day.


30-05-2008 16:23:31

Yea, being raped every other day by your priest then telling your Mom and she beating the shit out of you because she didn't believe you is pretty easy stuff.

Then watching your Grandma die right in front of you when you are 13 is pretty easy stuff too.

Put that on top of a family that thinks you are a traitor because you hang out with mostly white people and listen to rock and don't like hip hop too much just makes it oh so amazing.

Top that off with kids following you home from school just to throw rocks at you and call you a fat ass nigger makes home life so nice.

The drugs the doctor gave me had me so sedated that I could be watching cartoons and want to laugh but can't because the signals that should be happening in my brain for it aren't working because the drugs aren't letting them submit it. I tried to get the doctor to change the drug but he down right refused saying, "It is for your own good..."

Through all of that and after my Mom pulled me from shrink-age, I did find someone special and I was about to marry him but then his best friend had a pyschotic episode, triggered by the drugs his shrink had put him on, and took a 20 guage to my finace's chest and blew him into the next life...right in front of me...

Luckily, my other friend heard the shot upstairs and came down just in time to keep him from blowing me away...but a part of me wanted to die seeing Billy die...

It wasn't until months later after that when I started my suicide attempts. I've survived hanging myself twice (luckily the rope broke because I suck at tying knots and I'm a fat bitch), slitting my wrists (which I somehow managed to miss the veins), trying to overdose on a 100 pill bottle of asprin, trying to overdose from 20 oxy contins crushed and mixed into a small bottle of vodka, and jumping off the second story of a window into the Bay...not knowing how to swim. The jumping part I was lucky to survive because one of my "friends" came after me and saved me. The same person that very night that told me, "Getting raped is no big deal. Get over it and stop being a wussy about it!" After I had gathered up enough courage to tell them about everything swimming around in my head.

I'm a fucking lucky bastard to be on this earth. It wasn't until I had a long talk with a drag queen in the bed next to me in the hospital after my last treatment for ovarian cancer did I realize what I needed to do to continue on in life.

I just needed to be myself. I needed to stop hiding, stop being ashamed, and stopped being afraid of my past because that was the cause of all my problems. From that day on, I stopped living for everyone else and started living for myself because that's what Billy would have wanted for me. People who try to hurt you, no matter physically or mentally, are the ones who want to bring you down so they can feel mighty and important.

TTGP, I thank you for the offer but I'm not really some screwed up head case. Not anymore rather. I live with bipolar disorder and A.D.D. without the use of drugs. And in these last 2-3 years, have been in the best mental state I have been my whole life.

Alot of you reading this are just going to think I'm some mental case or this is to get attention. Just like most of you judged me thinking I'm still going through hell on earth and think I'm stupid and selfish because I tried to kill myself. But oh fucking well, it happens all the time and I'm quite use to it from my family and old friends.

It's just a pet peeve of mines, people thinking people who try to kill themselves are a joke or are selfish. One of my friend's, who commited suicide, family were HAPPY they had done themselves in. They were tired of them taking up their freedom and breathing space. The girl was only 15. IIII was the one who put her in the ground, not them. And her friends, they were no where to be found for the review or burial. She was a straight A student and family owned 3 businesses that did VERY well. Never did drugs, never drank, never disobeyed her family except for talking me because my skin wasn't the right color. The only reason why I think she killed herself is because she just cracked under all the pressure to be perfect and a good girl. Usually I kept her in balance, but her family had my phone number blocked 2 months prior to her death and I was working a nightly job so I rarely got to see her for the most part.

Ok, I'm rambling now...the point is...the way you guys are acting, teasing, are the reason why some people have a hard time saying they need to help. Because they feel they will be treated like dirt and looked down upon and it makes them feel worse then they are already are feeling...

How would you feel if that was your sister, daughter, son, mother, father, best friend, lover someone was talking about? Calling an idiot or a whimp. Someone who didn't deserve to live...

I don't think you would be too happy...

I'll end this by saying, I'm lucky to be on this earth and I'm glad I failed all those times at trying to take my life because I learned how to live afterwards. I didn't get help from my friends back then or from my own family...in fact, I just stopped trying to kill myself because I just felt shitter and shitter about myself because I couldn't even do that right. I just start living inside of myself, faking every smile, and every hug and every laugh. I became a damn good actress.

It took a drag queen who had gotten beaten up for the 3rd time because they were gay telling me that sometimes you just have to take the punches in order to live life how you should live it. He said getting beat up was better then living a lie.

Thats what some people need to be shown. That its ok to be who you are and KNOW that not every one is going to accept it and thats OK. Things are going to get fucked and shit is going to hit the fan, but as long as you are living life by what you think is right then everything is ok and WILL get better. It might take a few days or a few years, but they WILL get better. ANYONE who hears that from someone who sincerely means it would be willing to put down the gun, or pills, or step away from the ledge.

That's something that is wrong with society as a whole. We ingore people's sensitivities and wrongness. Before, someone would see someone else being raped and would either try to stop it or go for help and now a days, people walk pass the scene because "they don't want to become invovled".

You can't save everyone, yes, but we could save so many more if we just stopped being so insensitive about the emotions of others and realize that just saying, "How Are You Doing?" and really mean it can turn someone's awful day into an ok one.

Think about that guys...


30-05-2008 17:15:56

I feel sorry for you. It's good to hear you're doing better now though. )


30-05-2008 17:29:35

Yea, it took 19 years to finally see some sunshine through the rain clouds but I thank the higher powers every day that they refused to take my twisted mind into the next life yet.

Now...the sun would shine more if I could get some noogie...lilolli

It's still rough for me right now, fianically, but nothing I can't handle! It's all made me a tough chica and more in tune with everything around me from people to the earth.

I'm not perfect but I find my perfection in accepting my imperfections. IF that makes any sense...


30-05-2008 17:55:26

Wow you have been through a lot. I am happy you stayed strong. Best of luck to you in the future as well.


30-05-2008 18:17:48

Yea thanks but I hope you guys realize I didn't say all of that just to get a "Hooray" or anything like that.

I said all of that because I wanted to prove a point of that people need to be more aware of the issues of other people and not jump to so many conclusions.