Absolute Submission Challenge in Granby

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27-05-2008 10:34:38

Here we go again. This weekend I was in Granby Quebec for a grappling tournament. it was an absolute over 155 lbs division. The lightest was 169.5 (the winner of the event) and the heaviest was 240 lbs (second place). I weighed in at a jumbo 195. Man, that's way too much for me. Anyways... Not your typical tournament. You got 3 points for a submission, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss by submission.

This was my first match. My wife only got the end but it didn't last long. he was no match for my ferocity.


Second match went my way as well. The guy jammed his finger into my eye halfway through. That only made me mad.


This one was a draw. I was dominating for the majority of the fight. just couldn't get that choke on.


This was the winner of the event. I went the longest against him. I have never seen this guy lose. He is an animal.


This one sucked. I took this guy lightly. Didn't even try to block the stupid schoolyard headlock. How little did I know he could clamp down so hard. My revenge on him will be sweet. This match kept me out of the medals.


And finally... Notice a size difference? lol


I'm happy with my performance overall (except for that stupid 5th match). I keep improving every time. Next will be a tourney in July (unless something else comes along or my wife calves before then). last year I got the bronze so I am looking to better my placing.

Hope you enjoyed.