Car audio problem!!!!??

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21-05-2008 18:09:55

A friend of mine gave me an inline filter to eliminate noise in my system from the alternator, etc. It plugs inline, into the Power, Ground, and Remote (from ignition) wires.

Being naive, I first installed it backwards, turned system on and it did work but sounded badly, so i removed the filter. After removing it, my headunit will not turn on at all. It shows no signs of power. I checked the fuse in the headunit, and it appears fine. Also, my amps appear to be starting up.

Any ideas would be awesome. I don't really know how to diagnose this.... oops


24-05-2008 12:57:38

Double check all of the wiring once again. make sure the ground is connected and check the fuses under the dash as well. then reply back here and I'll see if there's anything else you should try.