[1-Day Contest] Need $50? You can do it. We can help.

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19-05-2008 18:37:14

LucroCash[=http//www.lucrocash.com]LucroCash is holding a one day contest and you have the chance to win $50![/coloree038d243f][/sizeee038d243f]
Login to your LucroCash.com[=http//www.lucrocash.com]LucroCash.com account, look under the featured offers (top right offer) for the [uee038d243f]FREE[/coloree038d243f][/uee038d243f] "Home Depot - Green Workshop" offer http//nocostcash.com/images/HomeDepot.jpg[" alt=""/imgee038d243f][=http//www.lucrocash.com][img="ee038d243f]http//nocostcash.com/images/HomeDepot.jpg[" alt=""/imgee038d243f][/url] and signup for the [uee038d243f][color=greenee038d243f]FREE[/coloree038d243f][/uee038d243f] workshop. Please then open a support ticket notifying us of your entry and make sure to include your PayPal e-mail address. That's all you have to do! It's so easy, and you can win [size=14ee038d243f][color=greenee038d243f]$50![/coloree038d243f][/sizeee038d243f]

Then at 11pm EST on Wednesday (May 21st), we'll enter the names of everyone who took part in a raffle and send the winner their payment immediately by PayPal.

Thanks for your interest - look forward to more Totally Free 1-Offer Contests from [url==http//www.lucrocash.com]LucroCash[=http//www.lucrocash.com]LucroCash[/url]!


20-05-2008 13:11:33

We have less than 10 entries so far, and less than 8 hours left. For 20 seconds of effort, you could win $50.


20-05-2008 15:30:51

What kind of workshop is it?


20-05-2008 15:37:04

One you won't go to.


20-05-2008 16:53:21

There are many workshops all hosted by Home Depot.


21-05-2008 21:52:08

The raffle has been drawn and the winner notified.

You can view the raffle drawing here http//lucronet.com/2008/05/21/lucrocash-1-day-contest-winner-video/[]http//lucronet.com/2008/05/21/lucrocash-1-day-contest-winner-video/

Thanks to everyone who participated and look for more One-Day contests from LucroCash[=http//www.lucrocash.com]LucroCash very soon!


22-05-2008 07:58:48

rigg'd. unless I see TSJ with the hat on his head.


22-05-2008 08:43:28

Fantastic video.


22-05-2008 08:49:25

[quote480c15c073="TryinToGetPaid"]One you won't go to.[/quote480c15c073]

Yeah, they expect you to listen to the advice they give.


22-05-2008 12:44:01

[quote1db02f6580="CollidgeGraduit"][quote1db02f6580="TryinToGetPaid"]One you won't go to.[/quote1db02f6580]

Yeah, they expect you to listen to the advice they give.[/quote1db02f6580]
Haha, Zing!