What're your favorite offers?

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15-05-2008 15:38:39

I've been around these parts for about six months now, and I've found some pretty sweeeeet offers.

1.) BMG Music Club is fantastic. I mean, once you get past the shipping costs, you can get some damn good values. And selling all your introductory cd's on ebay can land you a pretty good profit as well. Only two more to buy in the next year or whatever, and half the time you can use a buy one, get unlimited for .99, or buy one get 2 free... It's a sweet deal.

2.) Vista Print. They gave me 250 business cards free. I pretended I was a professional masseuse. Yes, my card says "Just easin' the tension, baby."

3.) Cafe Belmondo. You get a free coffee maker just for joining, and their coffee is bangin'. A little on the pricey side, but it sure beats that generic shit we get for free at work. Get off the five bucks and get some decent coffee, you won't be disappointed.

4.) Identity Truth was fantastic. You get 3 months for $30 and they are on top of things. They sent me updates every week-ish, and they protected me against three potential hazards. Their customer support is awesome too. Definitely worth the $9.99 a month or whatever the hell it is.

Which ones have you guys tried and had really good experiences with? Which ones have given you bad experiences? Discuss D


15-05-2008 16:17:55

YourMusic rulz!!!!!! $6.99 CDs, tons to choose from.


15-05-2008 20:08:39

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15-05-2008 20:09:59

yeah yeah, we've already been through this. Doyl was on top of that.