do we have any bloggers in the house tonight?

Live forum:


15-05-2008 12:07:53

Anybody here run a blog? I imagine I'd know about it if you did, since that sort of thing lends it self to shameless self-promotion. But maybe you've been modest about it and expected me to beat a path to your door. Anyway, let me know...


15-05-2008 14:21:10


But, if you'd like, I could post a detailed account of my workday here.

It's Über interesting


15-05-2008 14:57:11

I don't want to read your silly blogs, people, I'm trying to find beta testers for a blogging widget (currently in stealth mode). So if you know anybody with a blog...let me know.


15-05-2008 16:03:56

whats a blogging widget?


15-05-2008 20:05:20

It's a very small blog.


16-05-2008 06:25:37

[quotef4ca8d12ac="manOFice"]whats a blogging widget?[/quotef4ca8d12ac]

Widgets are just small applications. This one lets the blogger pick a list of other blogs to include, and the widget displays the most popular and most discussed content right on the page.

Wikipedia knows about web widgets http//[]http//
Yahoo makes widgets http//[]http//
Apple makes widgets http//[]http//
Widgetbox has thousands of them http//[]http//