I got a xbox 360 elite off craigslist for $300.00

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12-05-2008 19:50:01

It came with a extra controller but no HDMI cable. I was wondering if I should sell it for a small profit or just keep it and sell my PS3 instead. I don't play much games, I only own GTA4 and GT5P and I don't play online since I can never connect online with PSN.

I like the PS3's upconverter and I don't care about blu-ray so what do you think I should do? Should I keep the elite and get a upconverter or sell the elite and keep the ps3?

Now that I think of it, I'm an idiot for spending 300 bucks in hopes of getting back 400 (


12-05-2008 19:54:18

Ditch the playstation. Xbox ftw!


12-05-2008 19:59:39

Can you link me to a good upconverter like the PS3? My TV is this...


yeah my tv sucks, in GTA4 I only see half the cell phone, lol...


12-05-2008 20:51:04

[quoted2e0ddacd2="Quadracer89"]Ditch the playstation. Xbox ftw![/quoted2e0ddacd2]
I think so too.
If you're more into games etc, go with the Xbox.
If you're more into media/movies, go with the PS3 as BlueRay is the HD choice of the future.


13-05-2008 02:56:19

The Xbox 360 will upconvert your DVDs to the maximum resolution your TV set supports (up to 1080p via VGA or HDMI). Since you have the Xbox 360 Elite, then all you will need is any HDMI cable and you're set.

Seeing as you said you don't care about blu-ray, then the Xbox 360 is the clear choice.

Also, you might want to consider upgrading your TV soon... Anything but CRT. ;)

P.S. If you do decide to keep the Xbox, then remember to post your Gamertag here when you're all set up http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=26898


13-05-2008 07:42:48

phillips makes a good up converter. But my ps3 rocks when up converting.


13-05-2008 08:04:03

Yea, I might as well probably keep both, I'm watch Naruto on my PS3, I got the files off the net.

I'm gonna watch porn off my flash drive on my ps3 D


13-05-2008 08:10:34



13-05-2008 08:13:42

Yes, I'm SOO COOL!!!


but the ps3 is awesome, I didn't know it can watch alot of files on it, avi, mpeg-4, wmv..

cool thing to have


13-05-2008 09:34:53

[quote682b09aa1f="topbillin1"]but the ps3 is awesome, I didn't know it can watch alot of files on it, avi, mpeg-4, wmv..

cool thing to have[/quote682b09aa1f]
You can do that with the 360 too, but given its crappy reliability, save it for games and use the PS3 for DVD upscaling and other media.


13-05-2008 21:35:09

good price!