any success with stickies here?

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09-05-2008 11:11:39

I was just wondering if anyone really has success with stickies here? I'm going to get one simply because it's $5, but I tought I'd see how well they work here?


09-05-2008 11:13:01

It depends. I mean the trading scene is pretty beat right now so you probably won't get too much for it although it does go to supporting the site so I would say go for it.


09-05-2008 11:35:04

I've heard a lot of people say the trading scene will pick up this summer. Any thoughts on that?


09-05-2008 11:54:51

It does tend to be cyclical. This past year the sudden influx of newbie traffic from PPD severely over-saturated the market for trades, making it very difficult to compete and gain trades. Now that that traffic is wearing down a bit, things might start picking up, but it will probably depend on whether new sites and offers appear. Many of the vets around here have largely exhausted the available sites and offers from ref based sites, and have moved to DIY if they're still doing freebies at all. OTOH it's been two years since I did a ref site, and a lot of new sites and offers have appeared since then, so I may pick up trading again soon myself.