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06-05-2008 20:20:18

Ok I'm trying to help my sister in her stats class. I know stats but I can't remember where to start. Help please!

Sara owns a gas station and believes that more than 15% of her customers purchases premium gas. A random sample of 150 customers reveal that 31 purchased premium gas. Do these data support Sara's belief at the 0.02 level of significance?

I need help ASAP oops oops oops


06-05-2008 20:49:53

lol, your sister?



06-05-2008 20:51:02

[quotedfa7776df6="doylnea"]lol, your sister?



06-05-2008 21:10:43

Dude I hate statistics so much. I did better in calculus last quarter. ?


06-05-2008 22:30:45

Here is some statistics

There is a 50/50 chance of getting your question right if you guess randomly. That seems like pretty good odds to me. shrug

I was really good at statistics but I don't remember how to do this, heh.

I don't remember all the formulas off-hand, but I'm pretty sure you have to use the t-distribution. I reviewed a lot of stats here[=http//]here, I'm pretty sure the info you want is under "Significance Tests for Unknown Mean and Unknown Standard Deviation."


07-05-2008 00:16:15

that question doesn't say how much sara is charging

gas is 3.45/gallon here

if sara has it cheaper, i'll buy it from her



07-05-2008 15:47:23

I just got back from taking a bigass stats test. I would help but I'm not familiar with the "level of significance" thing. I guess that'll be coming up soon here.