Myanmar cyclone death toll exceeds 22,000

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06-05-2008 07:15:39

Damn, I guess jump was right. We really don't give a shit unless it's in the US. Today was the first time I heard about this. Am I blinded to the world, or is this getting very little attention outside of the full on news channels?



06-05-2008 07:19:09

It's been frontpage on almost since it happened, certainly over the past couple days at least, so I'm not sure what you mean by "very little attention." I've been reading the story since early death toll was estimated at 2-3000, and have watched it steadily climb since then.


06-05-2008 08:13:14

I'm blind then... (

But as I said, news stories are covering it, but what about the youth pages, such as here, or digg, etc....

Oh fine, be like that David.


06-05-2008 08:22:14

David gets his news from those news reels that they show in the movie theatres (little known fact, David pronounces it thee-AY-ters)


06-05-2008 08:23:46

Yeah, I had seen the news about it but didn't realize the death toll was that high (I also followed in the beginning when it was estimated to be in the 2-3 thousand range). I agree with you though bball, the Hillary vs Obama battle is getting much more coverage in general (in a way understandable because of today's primaries). For a death toll of 22,000, I thought this should be getting much more coverage.

Dmo is one of the enlightened folk who actually follows the news so I don't know if we can really use him as a basis of what most Americans watch/follow. wink

Speaking of CNN, anyone hate Lou Dobbs like I do?


06-05-2008 08:36:48

My god...

My heart goes out to all of them. (


06-05-2008 08:44:10

[quote04145ca6e3="bballp6699"]I'm blind then... (

But as I said, news stories are covering it, but what about the youth pages, such as here[/quote04145ca6e3]

If you consider FiPG a "youth news page" then you are indeed blind to the outside world.


06-05-2008 08:47:15

Fuck, it is bad.

I saw it on the BBC a couple of days ago right after it happened when the death toll was at 351 and I've been watching it climb ever since.


My wife didn't know about it yesterday and when she tried to find it on MSN after I told her, it was one tiny little line near the top under something about Bush and gas prices.


06-05-2008 08:47:41

[quote0e17be0b75="TryinToGetPaid"][quote0e17be0b75="bballp6699"]I'm blind then... (

But as I said, news stories are covering it, but what about the youth pages, such as here[/quote0e17be0b75]

If you consider FiPG a "youth news page" then you are indeed blind to the outside world.[/quote0e17be0b75]

Aside from our temporary onslaught of soccer moms, why wouldn't I think that?

I'd say the majority of the people here are below 25 or about there.


06-05-2008 11:25:13

Wow, I heard yesterday that it was around 10k, this is sad news. =(


06-05-2008 11:37:49

[quote5b49a08721="hehehhehe"]Speaking of CNN, anyone hate Lou Dobbs like I do?[/quote5b49a08721]
Pretty much. He comes across to me like liberal CNN's token neo-con. No middle ground at all, he thinks Bush is too liberal. He'd fit right in at FoxNews, but I guess all of them have to have the token opposition loudmouth to qualify as "fair and balanced."


06-05-2008 13:41:15

wow. yeah, i read this story yesterday when they said the death toll could reach 10,000, i just read again a few hours ago and they are saying it could get into the 60k's. That shit is out of control.

I can't even imagine that much death. Really really sad.....


08-05-2008 17:54:53

100k now and the junta jackasses are still being idiots. We'll see how tough they are when the plague breaks out.



08-05-2008 20:30:52

100k? That's insane.


09-05-2008 06:10:34

And the fucking idiots won't let us come help. I suppose it's not all bad, because other countries would be bitching at us to help, but as soon as we step in with military force to help, they will bitch at us for bringing the military in.


09-05-2008 08:31:05

Loser....what a load...



09-05-2008 09:05:06

Not only that, but they've seized the UN aid that has already arrived in country rather than letting the UN distribute it where it's needed, causing the UN to suspend future shipments.


09-05-2008 13:49:54

It's all fun and games until the plague breaks out and wipes out all of Asia.

And then we pay $20 for a box of rice. This is bullshit. Junta, quit being a bunch of jackasses, will you?


14-05-2008 17:24:30

Okay, first of all, a quick update. The UN fears that the total loss of life from the cyclone is going to reach over 125,000 now. However, I heard something that two diseases have already broken out. That info is not in the MSN article, but that may just be hearsay. Oh. And there is another "cyclone" due in tomorrow. Nice.

Next, China. Nasty earthquake leaves tens of thousands homeless. Great.

Is it just me, or is God seeking some sort of redemption on Asia? Tsunamis, earthquakes, Cyclones, Tidal Waves..... Jesus... We're not even going to have an Asia pretty soon if this keeps up.

Who's praying for an exploding volcano in North Korea?