Quick Smelling and Grandma Lesson

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17-04-2008 14:07:14

If I see one more person spell the word "definitely" wrong I'm going to die.

Seriously. It's not hard. It's not "definately," "definetly," "definitley," or any of that crap. If you can't think of how to spell it, it's "definite" with an "-ly" at the end.


Your -- a form of the possessive case of "you," used as an attributive adjective.
--Your breath smells bad.--

You're -- contraction of "you are."

--You're an idiot.

Yore -- noun; chiefly literary.

--knights of yore--

You're obsessed with your knights of yore.


There -- adverb and pronoun. in or at that place AND used to introduce a sentence or clause in which the verb comes before its subject or has no complement
--There is no way people will ever learn this.
--Don't get the seafood there.

Their -- possessive case of "they" (pronoun)

-- Their pants are underneath their asses.

They're -- contraction of "They Are"

-- They're going to the bar to get some ladies.

Say it with me now. "They're going there with their girlfriends."

--Feel free to add on D D D


17-04-2008 14:23:26

Backwards is my sentence structure.