Do you ride motorcross?

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08-04-2008 06:37:39

Just wondering. It's something I have always wanted to do. What's a good beginner bike?


08-04-2008 08:44:22

I did for quite a few years. Dirtbikes and Quads used to be my life (hence my member name lol )

Anyway, it depends on what you want to do? Are you going to be riding on a track or riding through the trails? A 4stroke will better suite you for trail riding, and they require much less maintenance then a 2stroke. You can still take a 4stroke to the track if you'd like, but a 2stroke bike is alot lighter and much easier to whip around. 4strokes are more money though, so its really upto you. A good starter bike would be any 2stroke 125cc. Yz125, Kx125, RM125, CR125, etc.. If you are a bigger guy, a 125 might feel alittle small, they also have 250cc (yz250, rm250, etc) but dont under estimate these. They might have too much power for a beginner. If you are looking for a 4stroke bike, check out Honda's CRF line. A 250cc 4stroke is roughly equivalent to a 125cc 2stroke (speed wise).

Good luck on finding the right bike for yourself. I wish I had the money to get back into the sport, because once you start, your never gonna want to stop!


08-04-2008 08:51:17

Well I do a lot of mountain biking, so the trail riding apeals to me. I don't know that I can afford it, but it's nice to look into.


08-04-2008 08:57:57

i used to play excitebike, does that count?



08-04-2008 09:10:18

Only if the BMX subgame in California Games counts



08-04-2008 09:15:38

They both count


08-04-2008 09:18:31

Anybody here have any experience w/ powered parachutes? I see them flying around here a lot, and I think I've got the bug to try that out.

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08-04-2008 09:37:56

This one dude used to fly over my house every saturday morning in one of those bad boys. Idk if i'd have the balls to try it out though, im kind of scared of heights oops


08-04-2008 09:46:00

I'll save you if you fall.


08-04-2008 09:46:54

[quote4c550cefa5="TFOAF"]I'll save you if you fall.[/quote4c550cefa5]

Phew, well thats reassuring. D


08-04-2008 10:06:39

[quote328e4f85b3="TFOAF"]I'll save you if you fall.[/quote328e4f85b3]

catch him in your massive girl arms.


08-04-2008 13:11:57

[quotecf12aac042="Twon"][quotecf12aac042="TFOAF"]I'll save you if you fall.[/quotecf12aac042]

catch him in your massive girl arms.[/quotecf12aac042]

the inverted chest would make a nice cradle to land in.