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02-04-2008 19:51:20

I've been working on this project for a long time, and finally have it together enough to post a photo or two

http//[" alt=""/img31f9483850]
[img="31f9483850]http//[" alt=""/img31f9483850]

It's 12.3 TB of raid 5 arrays. It's taken 3 months of work, acquiring bits like controllers etc etc has taken 12 months, don't want to know what I've spent on it.



02-04-2008 19:56:09

April Fool's was yesterday. P

Er, fine print noted. I can't believe somebody actually built that.

sandra habina

02-04-2008 20:02:43

Looks very technical - what is it for? Nice job I think. LOL


02-04-2008 21:21:05

Think about how much porn that bad boy could hold, WOWEE.


02-04-2008 21:23:33

I knew it wasn't yours as soon as I saw the walls (they are cum stain free).


02-04-2008 21:29:19

I like your house interior. Is that cherry hardwood flooring? Niceness. (Nice job on the computer too. oops )


02-04-2008 23:01:31

dude, you just gave me a semi just looking at the pics, hope thats really yours


02-04-2008 23:10:18

It doesn't look like the hard drivers are properly cooled.


03-04-2008 01:03:31

[quoted88e9446de="theysayjump"]I knew it wasn't yours as soon as I saw the walls (they are cum stain free).[/quoted88e9446de]

R O F L.


03-04-2008 03:20:53

[quotedb3689f45b="Daggoth"]It doesn't look like the hard drivers are properly cooled.[/quotedb3689f45b]

LOL, that thing would over heat in a second


03-04-2008 05:57:37

[quotefb64dc695c="Daggoth"]It doesn't look like the hard drivers are properly cooled.[/quotefb64dc695c]

Fans on both the top and the bottom and the front
http//[" alt=""/imgfb64dc695c]
[img="fb64dc695c]http//[" alt=""/imgfb64dc695c]
[img="fb64dc695c]http//[" alt=""/imgfb64dc695c]


03-04-2008 07:00:35

I'm still skeptical that it starts up and runs stable with all controllers installed and drives attached. Plus all the PATA cabling is going to seriously limit airflow. Even with all those fans that thing would run extremely hot. Talk about a space heater!

Not to mention the serious power supply requirements.

It looks more like a novelty or conversation piece to me, but that's a helluva lot of money to throw down just for bragging rights. 8x500GB Samsung SATA drives and 18x320GB PATA drives in the front. I didn't see what was in the bottom, but that's just insane. Did he ever say he actually cranked it up? I didn't read too far into the forum thread.

[b0bf857f329]EDIT[/b0bf857f329] Oh, and damn you for the title. I can't get that stupid song out of my head now, I find myself mumbling it over and over...


03-04-2008 07:03:34

Left to right, 8x200 gig Maxtors, 8x200 gig WD, 2x500 gig Samsungs, 36gig IBM scsi 15k boot drive. There's 3mm clearance between the drives, the fans underneath pull air thru the drives from inside the case.

http//[" alt=""/imgebdaa9aff8]

and dmo, just because you're jealous doesn't mean you should bash my efforts.


03-04-2008 07:07:24


I was editing while you were posting.

Let me know when all the cabling and controllers are installed, and if it actually runs 24/7 for more than a week without a failure. ;)


03-04-2008 07:15:14

Looks like bad news to me.


03-04-2008 07:18:08

looks great if you plan on using it while sitting in your refrigerator



03-04-2008 15:36:25

Once the cabling is attached it will probably seriously affect the airflow and overheat. Still impressive though.


03-04-2008 16:14:47

When you get it, don't forget to install this on it ---



03-04-2008 16:16:13

[quote73465592dc="J4320"]When you get it, don't forget to install this on it ---


Lmao Christian Filter....


03-04-2008 16:26:07


It keeps the wet t-shirts and lesbians out of your house.


03-04-2008 18:12:30

man what kind of power supply would you need for this? 10000W?


03-04-2008 18:18:41

I've got 3 power supplies looped together to power all the drives and MB.


03-04-2008 18:26:24

[quote71f37f5ad3="doylnea"]I've got 3 power supplies looped together to power all the drives and MB.[/quote71f37f5ad3]

jesus christ. is that UL approved? D