Any Software Engineers?

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01-04-2008 06:54:16

I need to interview somebody that is a software engineer for a high school research project. I'll ask some very basic questions about you. Like who you are employed by, how long you've worked, how do you like it, etc. Please PM.


01-04-2008 07:55:36

Well, what exactly are you looking for when you say "Software Engineer?" Because that's a controversial title that some engineering purists would argue cannot, by definition, exist. At any rate, the term means different things to different people. )

The term Software Engineer and Systems Engineer are often synonymous these days, and the distinction is primarily made based upon the industry you're in. Technically, a Systems Engineer designs and works with not only software, but much of the hardware and controls around it. They design networks and communications busses, write drivers, interface software with PLC's and machinery, etc. That's the type of thing I've been doing as a Systems Engineer for about 15 years now. Software Engineers typically stick with software only, and are mainly considered an advanced Programmer. So you could say a Systems Engineer can be a Software Engineer, but usually not the other way around. Truth is, however, that many people and employers use those titles in totally inconsistent ways.

I worked as a Systems Engineer and then Sr. Systems Engineer at my current employer for about 12 years, before being promoted to the management position I have now where I hire and oversee them. But I still enjoy the hands-on work and still do quite a bit of it, I just now have the luxury to decide what to work on myself, and what to delegate. )

So if that's close enough to what you're looking for, or you don't get other bites, shoot me a PM and I'll help if I can.


01-04-2008 18:10:54

thanks will pm in the near future.