I really want to know!!

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30-03-2008 22:09:11

I gave up a long time ago on trying to get credit on the Blockbuster offer. And I have referrals who are waiting on it to credit. I want to know if there is ANYONE that knows that this offer credits... even once, or sometimes.

Please tell me your experience with it.

And can we tell our referrals about how it does not credit, I no it is super big no no to discuss which offers to do or not do.

( And really why do freebie sites leave up offers that don't credit?? Do they get to 'choose' which companies are to work with? Can they remove one that they know is bad? Do they even watch or care if there is a bad apple in the batch?)


30-03-2008 22:16:29

I did and I still use it to this day. D


31-03-2008 03:23:14

Yeah I got credit.......... You should check out my thread on crediting, I haven't had a problem once since I started doing it that way, I'll find the link for you when I get home from work today D

I don't use Blockbuster anymore, ever since I found RedBox and watch-movies.net.................. No need for it D


31-03-2008 05:53:52

Hey thanks. I just wanted to know that it worked for someone... They even denied mine with the confirmation email with headers. But that happens sometimes I guess. Too bad for my referrals to though.


31-03-2008 05:57:01

It credited for me 3 years ago. I kept it up until January or so of this year, then jumped to Netflix.

It also credited for my son-in-law when he did it as my ref on an I-Deal site.

So it does credit, though I've heard it can sometimes take awhile. And Netflix, for example, usually won't credit unless you keep it past the two week trial period. BB may have instituted a similar policy, I don't know.


31-03-2008 06:00:15

I got credit for it last year with no problem. Sorry for your bad luck.


31-03-2008 08:37:47

Yeah two years ago I got credit for it, pretty quickly too.


31-03-2008 09:46:04

Blockbuster credits on a varying schedule depending on which version you complete. AFAIK, none of them are instant anymore.


31-03-2008 10:49:20



31-03-2008 11:37:27

I did it early 2004, for the first freebie I ever received! Took 1 day to credit back then.


31-03-2008 12:01:27

[quotee40c785823="babetran"]CREDITED INSTANTLY FOR ME WHEN I COMPLETED IT LAST YEAR.[/quotee40c785823]

http//dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/1044/1044578lc6sxz35b5.gif[" alt=""/imge40c785823][=http//www.glitter-graphics.com][img="e40c785823]http//dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/1044/1044578lc6sxz35b5.gif[" alt=""/imge40c785823][/url]


31-03-2008 12:20:49

Lol Gotemm!


31-03-2008 13:46:09

I think maybe it has changed in the past few months.

I sent in a support ticket and got a response. I will share...

On 03/30/08, 1152 PM CDT, you wrote

"I have a question for you.... Have you ever had a Blockbuster offer credit on this site. I know mine Never credited on another site, and I have sent referrals here and other site and they did not get credit.

As a site 'owner' have you ever seen it credit?? "

On 03/31/08, 0944 AM CDT, Admin wrote

"You\'re absolutely right. I\'m not sure I\'ve seen any Blockbusters credit at all. The affiliate that provides the offer is pretty good about credit requests, but unfortunately for the $200 contest\'s sake, they only accept credit requests the 1st week of the month. I have about 4 of them to be processed come April 1st. I\'ve removed the offer from the site after discussing with another site owner and after receiving your last referral\'s credit request.



31-03-2008 13:47:54

I guess you'll be visiting the big RedBox when you'd like to watch a moving picture show.


31-03-2008 13:50:12

[quote29d3b33733="TravMan162"]I guess you'll be visiting the big RedBox when you'd like to watch a moving picture show.[/quote29d3b33733]

= TravMan's first post without a smiley!


31-03-2008 14:06:01

First offer I ever did. Credited about 1-2 days later. Great offer too.


31-03-2008 14:09:38

[quoted383369b96="bruman"][quoted383369b96="TravMan162"]I guess you'll be visiting the big RedBox when you'd like to watch a moving picture show.[/quoted383369b96]

= TravMan's first post without a smiley![/quoted383369b96]

babetran? babetran? where are you on this one?

unknown uchiha

31-03-2008 23:38:40

Been on and off between Blockbuster and Netflix. Blockbuster has lost like several flicks in the mail (I've had some come in WEEKS after reporting "unarrived") and carries a smaller selection while Netflix I can't use their online viewing service since I run OSX =/


31-03-2008 23:57:19

[quotedf03bedacc="doylnea"][quotedf03bedacc="babetran"]CREDITED INSTANTLY FOR ME WHEN I COMPLETED IT LAST YEAR.[/quotedf03bedacc]

http//dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/1044/1044578lc6sxz35b5.gif[" alt=""/imgdf03bedacc][=http//www.glitter-graphics.com][img="df03bedacc]http//dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/1044/1044578lc6sxz35b5.gif[" alt=""/imgdf03bedacc][/url][/quotedf03bedacc]

that made me chuckle lol


01-04-2008 22:02:11

I think it was one of if not the first offer I ever did back in like '04. It was instant for me. I don't if they changed it or not but I think it was $9.99/mo but I think there was one that was totally free just had diffrent requirements, could be wrong though.

It dosen't surprise me nor do I really blame them that their crediting is difficult now. It use to get slamed by scammers. Some guy was bragging about getting credit for that offer 12 times shock I think there was another guy who posted in the brag bag about signing up, getting instant credit and then canceling (because you can do it online) before the initial charge cleared his credit card.
It really is no wander why they are harder now.


01-04-2008 22:38:21

I got credit but I did it like 2 years ago shrug


01-04-2008 22:50:45

LOL @ doylnea. Excellent.


02-04-2008 10:12:04

I did this offer last week and got credit the next day. Watched one of the Planet Earth blu-ray discs that was in my queue yesterday ).


02-04-2008 10:46:55

trace that is good to know!!!!


02-04-2008 11:40:07

Blockbuster takes more than a week to credit, sometimes they don't at all (

But if you really want to try it out, just sign up through the official site..