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27-03-2008 14:18:46

Pretty slick - two clips to play. One is 320kbps the other is 128kbps. How good are your ears?



27-03-2008 14:22:28

Hehe. Got it right ) I could definitely tell the difference in compression.


27-03-2008 14:28:57

Without reading anything, I went in there and clicked the right answer. I was just playing with the flash. Now I ruined it for myself. |


27-03-2008 14:46:08

Got it right.

Dr. Doom

27-03-2008 23:35:50

I didn't.

Which makes me so glad I've reencoded all my mp3's to 128kpbs. What's the point of wasting all that space if I can't hear the difference anyways?