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14-03-2008 06:45:33

Anyone know a good (and not crazy expensive) host that allows proxy sites? I was using a subdomain on my PTC host, but their servers went down for a while the other day and I lost over half of my regular traffic.


17-03-2008 21:12:35

I use GoDaddy.com. They are great to me. Not sure about the proxy question though.


17-03-2008 21:44:24

I have a virtual dedicated that I don't need nearly as much space as I have. I'd be more than happy to beat any competitor and probably offer more. DirectAdmin and stuff. Hit me up with a PM.


17-03-2008 22:08:20

I use GoDaddy but will be switching to 1&1 as soon as my domains expire.


18-03-2008 07:10:51

I love httpeasy. Swear by it.


18-03-2008 07:34:19

[quote098158b06c="ForceBucks"]I love httpeasy. Swear by it.[/quote098158b06c]

More expensive than I'm looking to spend for the amount of bandwidth I need. Nice looking company though.


18-03-2008 08:33:17

I use hostgator. great price and very workable. I am loving the fact that i switched hosting companys.

BTW if you would want to switch to them I can get a discount if I personally refer you. So that you know you can also do the same for friends and family and it supports almost everything.
Hope it helps


18-03-2008 09:33:42

lol, most hosting companies don't allow proxy sites for good reason.


18-03-2008 14:06:59

Most hosts don't allow proxies unless you get a dedicated host, or specialized proxy hosting. Get a dedicated host, and don't be cheap. You get what you pay for .


18-03-2008 15:07:39

I actually use Brius web hosting, which is great for what I need.


18-03-2008 16:31:51

I ended up going with a special proxy plan for my proxy sites and then a completely different company for my non-proxies

Mr. Gabriel

19-03-2008 22:14:35

I use Big Blue Host to host my site, Ooogy.com

Its really cheap and the customer service is exceptional


20-03-2008 06:49:29

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