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unknown uchiha

11-03-2008 17:51:40

So today I went to the Apple Store to get my mouse fixed. I have the wireless Mighty Mouse (yes, it cost a pretty penny) and about a few months ago my center click stopped working. Just out of the blue. I've also noticed that my right click is a bit strange in noticing that I'm actually right-clicking (ah, the downsides of having a mouse with really just one click but a "sensor" for the second side).

So I went in, and the first guy told me that they were booked for the day in their Genius Bar and if I would like to be on "standby" which could take an hour or even longer to get to me (or even not!). I simply explained my situation with the mouse and that I'd like to be put on standby.

He then went to another employee who then just came up to double check on whether or not I was aware of the possible long wait times, and I said yes. I was then asked about the problem I had, to which I explained about the mouse again. After listening carefully, she pulled the store manager aside who then exchanged my mouse with a brand new one on the spot.

Just like that, and I was good to go after a quick trip to the register to scan the new mouse up.

Now, I've heard great stores of amazing customer service at the Apple Store but this was absolutely beyond my expectations. I expected to be quizzed on the specific date of purchase of my mouse (which was a bit more than six months ago, fyi) or asked to show a receipt or any proof of purchase and expected to be just told something along the lines of "yeah just leave it here and we'll get it back to you in a week". I actually didn't expect them to just give me a brand new mouse on the spot =]

So yeah. I'm even happier with Apple now. I guess a $70 mouse really has its benefits (especially since it's from Apple, since you don't have to send it in or anything when it breaks down, just drop on by the Apple Store).

Now, time to save up to replace my first-gen Macbook with a Macbook Pro cool

Share your experiences with customer service at the Apple Store!


11-03-2008 20:11:43

The same day I got my 20GB iPod from was the day they released the 30GB iPod videos. I went in to the apple store telling them that I got this and would like to exchange it for a video so they gave me a giftcard with the amount of the new video ipod+tax. They also put me down on the waiting list so I could get it the day they received them. All I had to do was walk inside and hand them my giftcard and walk out with my new iPod video a week later. Was sweet.


11-03-2008 20:51:56

I got an iBook from Nuitech and this was after the Macbooks were already in the stores. I went to the store and traded it in for store credit without any problems. I then went home and ordered a Macbook Pro.


12-03-2008 11:58:25

I bought my Ipod on ebay, and it broke within 6 months and went to apple and just gave me a new one also )


12-03-2008 12:23:24

That place is crazy. I went there one day to get a power supply fixed for a work machine. It was a Wednesday and the mall was DEAD, but this store was so packed you couldn't scratch your ass without poking someone. It was nuts.


12-03-2008 12:55:30

I got a white Mac Book from i-Deal this past summer, but wanted to upgrade to the black one for college. I took it in unopened, got the store credit, paid the difference, no hassle.


10-07-2008 07:39:43

I bought an ipod and just wanted to say apple shipped it to me 2 day fed ex even though i choose the free shipping which takes like 10 days but they upgraded me for free I guess, great experience with


10-07-2008 07:53:08

Apple > PC

End of story.


10-07-2008 10:15:15

That's far from the end of the story.


10-07-2008 10:45:19



10-07-2008 11:35:07

I love my Macbook. Everything looks so much more glossy and nicer than Windows (of course that's not the only reason why I like them more lol). When it comes to laptops I definitely prefer Macs.


10-07-2008 15:02:21

Same here, love my mac, hate my old Vista.

Once you go MAC, you'll never go back.


10-07-2008 19:53:19

I think the saying goes...

"Once you go black you never go back"


10-07-2008 20:53:33

[quoteab40af1bad="zr2152"]I think the saying goes...

"Once you go black you never go back"[/quoteab40af1bad]

I altered it D


11-07-2008 20:00:29

"go black?"

what's that, the opposite of "going green"

oh you guys and your IFW lingo lol


11-07-2008 20:32:21

That's going red, n00b.


14-07-2008 14:24:23

not sure how many people here are regular readers of the consumerist (if not, you should be). but i just read this post.

liExchanging A Defective iPhone 3G Is A Huge Pain In The Buttli[=http//]liExchanging A Defective iPhone 3G Is A Huge Pain In The Buttli

the title isn't the slam on apple i thought it would be.



15-07-2008 08:23:37

shit son, lol