Acura Certified Pre-Owned Tire help!

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11-03-2008 07:35:24

I bought a 2005 ACURA TL certified preowned in late August 07 with 39,000 Miles on it.

Well the car has about 50K on it now as of today and I need 4 new tires.

I am ready to order new ones however, shouldn't my tires last more than 10-11K miles especially all 4 of them? I have no problem buying new ones at all but before I do, I just wanted to get thoughts. Should Honda/Acura replace my tires at little or no charge because of the short period of time and low milage i've driven?

Also about 9-10K of that driving has been turnpike to work, 30 miles each way.

I'm not big into cars so I have no clue and could care less either way about buying new one so I figured i would ask the experts


11-03-2008 07:43:38

Should last much longer than that BUT its all based on how hard the rubber is and what quality the tire is. Just use the general rule of thumb--put a penny in the tread of the tire and if you can see the top of Lincoln's head, you need new ones.


11-03-2008 08:37:55

The tires wouldn't have been replaced when you bought the car - they would have been original tires. Tires, when rotated, and properly inflated could go as long as 60K.


11-03-2008 08:49:31

Not Michilins


11-03-2008 09:32:52

So, you wanted advice, but not my advice, or the advice I gave?


11-03-2008 10:28:08

Haha. Wow. Also I think its spelled "Michelin"


11-03-2008 14:16:40

research your model of tire.

50k is stretching it on a tire thats oem especially on an acura or honda.