Everyone go to your profile and change your time zone to...

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09-03-2008 14:12:19

Everyone go to your profile and change your time zone to whatever it is minus 1. That way it will be the right time again, because I guess the server doesn't do DST.


09-03-2008 14:15:15

you're the new secret mod aren't you?


09-03-2008 14:20:19

Mine is fine at GMT - 7 Hours for Pacific Time.


09-03-2008 14:26:27

foaf's getting a little demanding here D

what should i do i live in mass


09-03-2008 14:28:10

It wasn't fine for me. I was in GMT - 5, and it was showing an hour less.

No, I was just notifying people to change it so that the time was displayed correctly, lol.

You live in Mass., make it GMT - 4.


10-03-2008 04:24:01

i'm changing mine to FST Foafy Standard Time



10-03-2008 06:17:27

I haven't changed the time since I joined. I use this crazy guy... http/" alt=""/img204.imageshack.us/img="204/3091/timert0.jpg[" alt=""/img7fbb7af0de]

I really don't care what time a post has been made...

unknown uchiha

11-03-2008 10:59:12

Thanks, FiPG_Mom!

No, really. Thanks D


11-03-2008 11:16:07

now I know that someone cares