It's been a while...(no not sex)

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06-03-2008 18:59:03

I haven't been on this site for a very long since Jan. 29 2006.

Someone update me with all the gossip! Any cool, crazy awesome sites out there?


07-03-2008 14:16:38

oh cool, thanks for the catch up.. roll


07-03-2008 14:29:26

http//[" alt=""/img59b5fa0922]


07-03-2008 15:20:00

Who Are You?


07-03-2008 15:21:01

It's kind of hard to catch you up on all of that crap you missed.

Good zeropricetags,, YGF

Bad Offers payout less, FLR invaded us, and trading sucks because of project payday (an ebook that brought in a bunch of 40 year olds that are not as cool as dmorris claiming they are not noobs ) )


07-03-2008 15:21:24

[quote54de5f009e="Sonofshoe"]oh cool, thanks for the catch up.. roll[/quote54de5f009e]

i know right roll


07-03-2008 22:27:22

hmmmmmm, new things. posts don't count in the brag bag anymore, threads are going to be allowed to be stickied in the trading forum (with some rules and regs obviously,) and the trading forum is completely out of control and you have to pay a butt-load to get a ref. but other than that, nothing's changed D