Help me decide my new tattoo-age.

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05-03-2008 19:36:17

Here we go -- you bitches can voice your opinoin on my decision for another piece of my body to get inked on. As you all know, or should know, or maybe don't know -- I recently had a son. And I want his name on my body, mainly I want another tattoo and currently he has the most meaning in my life. I do not want old English letter, they are trashy. I do not want just regular text, that is boring. So I am going with -- Russian.

This is what his name would look like in Russian. Anyways, I want to get that image in one of two places, but I am open to anything really.

1st choice is from my armpit downward -- much like this

2nd and 3rd choice is on my back. Currently I have a black star on my left shoulder and I do not know where it would go, whether under the star or on my other shoulder.

4th option is anywhere, within reason -- and I know I can expect someone to say UR PENIS! UR BUTT! but that comes with posting here. It does need to be covered with both short and long sleeves, since I wear both to work.

Do not post to say, do not do it - its your body - your body is a temple - your body is a wonderland - it will look like shit when you are old...etc. Or you can, but it won't sway me either way because when I am old, I do not think I will be taking my shirt off.


05-03-2008 19:44:13

you'll be taking your shirt off and posting it on here. you watch ;)

no seriously, well congrats on the son, i personally don't like the tattoo picture you posted, I just think it's too chinsey looking... Possibly in the shape of a rainbow going from under your left shoulder blade and ending under your right shoulder blade?

i would go with a rustic look too. that calligraphy looking thing just doesn't look right to me.


05-03-2008 19:51:09

The picture is for placement only, not the text.


05-03-2008 19:54:05

I've always wanted to get a textual tattoo on my wrist. It just seems like a natural place to flash a tattoo around, without being too obvious or inappropriate. It is easy to cover up when need-be, but you and others will always see it as you go through your day.

By on your wrist, I mean horizontally, right where you'd slit your wrists (only frame of reference I can think of). But, your forearms have lots of potential for that sort of thing.


05-03-2008 19:55:37

It would need to be able to be covered even with short sleeves ( I guess I should have mentioned that) since I wear polos at work. And I have added that statement to the original post as well.


05-03-2008 20:04:23

I choose none.


05-03-2008 20:09:32

Get it on the inside of you bicept. That's where my next is going for phase 3 of my skiing tat.


05-03-2008 20:31:08

[quoted7af1d9fcb="TryinToGetPaid"]It would need to be able to be covered even with short sleeves ( I guess I should have mentioned that) since I wear polos at work. And I have added that statement to the original post as well.[/quoted7af1d9fcb]

You could wear a leather bracelet[=http//]leather bracelet to cover it while you work, but that might be too much of a pain (or if you can't wear it at work).

Along your collarbone, maybe? I like tattoos that move along the contours of the body, otherwise they look a bit awkward to me (especially if it's a name).


06-03-2008 15:03:48

Ive seen ripped buff guys last summer with tramp stamp??? or maybe theyre something else?

and also the one on Hip/pelvis stars both sides lol


06-03-2008 15:41:57

Yea I think the inside of your bicep would be cool like Twon said or maybe somewhere on your back like down your spine or across the upper part of your back.


06-03-2008 15:45:15

Get a buttwhole belly button one. Or this --

http/" alt=""/[/img7c362e81fa]



07-03-2008 13:23:57

I say down your ribs, my friend has his last name down his ribs and it looks sweet. If I get a tattoo I would prolly get one there because its easily covered with a shirt but still looks sweet when shirt is off.


09-03-2008 16:47:39

I'm pretty sure I'll never get a tattoo. My grandpa has one that was originally roses with thorns around it but now it looks like a space invader.