NFL Draft - Any predictions?

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05-03-2008 15:56:39

Anyone have any predictions about the NFL draft? I have a mock draft I could post if anyone is interested. Let me know. I want to see if I am the only NFL fan here. GO FALCONS!!!!


05-03-2008 16:13:15

i predict you should pick a new team D


05-03-2008 18:21:10


I want them to draft Dan Connor!


05-03-2008 18:49:06

Saints -- ole Saints. Got Mr. Gay from the Pats, which we needed. I expect them to draft a wide receiver because they are stupid....


05-03-2008 19:08:38

I want my Favre Back!!! ( I know he is old, but look at what he accomplished


05-03-2008 19:10:30

He'll be back. Give him a year to clear his head and get motivated again. He's had a rough go of it, he probably needs a season or so to get his shit together mentally. Who knows what he can produce after a season of sitting, but we all know he was still, dare I say, amazing for someone his age this past season.


08-03-2008 13:09:29

Yeah, Falcons are a little out of it, but they did get Turner which could help if they get someone who can throw a little. In my mock draft I predicted the Giants would get Dan Connor so Im with you on that. Though the G-men did lose alot in free agency.


08-03-2008 13:13:16

does anyone else thing favre's farewell speech was a little hokey?

i mean i can understand it's emotional, but i mean, is it really like that?


08-03-2008 14:04:43

[quote34a09dc584="tucker1003"]I want my Favre Back!!! ( I know he is old, but look at what he accomplished[/quote34a09dc584]
Same here. The Packers just wont be the same without him. If he does not come back and play, I wish he could be a quarterbacks coach for the Packers.

[quote34a09dc584="TravMan162"]does anyone else thing favre's farewell speech was a little hokey?[/quote34a09dc584]


08-03-2008 17:02:37

I predict my hubby won't move from the couch the entire season and will TOTALLY IGNORE his wife and children.. and why.. ALL FOR THE LOVE OF FOOTBALL!! GO NY JETS!!!


09-03-2008 09:47:36

Lions will prolly get another reciever...its just what we do.

sandra habina

09-03-2008 10:05:14

Hope the Brown go for Defensive Lineman - we need them. We have been waiting 8 years for the "YOUNG" team to get their shit together - you would have thought by now they would have grown old together.

New owner - new coach - new players - quarterbacks - COME ON BROWNS LET'S GO!!!


09-03-2008 10:44:03

Eagles need to get Fitz already!


09-03-2008 10:47:08

[quotee9650cb597="YourGiftsFree"]Eagles need to get Fitz already![/quotee9650cb597]

they should have made a push for moss


09-03-2008 11:19:34

[quote709cf60e60="TravMan162"][quote709cf60e60="YourGiftsFree"]Eagles need to get Fitz already![/quote709cf60e60]

they should have made a push for moss[/quote709cf60e60]

They did. Eagles offered him more money then the Pats.