an hour in Vegas

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29-02-2008 12:48:07

any recommendations - I get in late tonight and fly out about an hour later.


29-02-2008 13:01:46

Bunny ranch?


29-02-2008 13:05:52

Isn't that kind of a drive?


29-02-2008 13:07:00

Hes probably laid over at the airport. Just get there, put a grand on black and walk out. Done.


29-02-2008 13:10:10

He'd be laid over at the Bunny Ranch as well.

Bud ump bump. I'll be here all night...


29-02-2008 13:20:19

I don't gamble, but I figure, when in Vegas...

Are there tables or games in the airport?


29-02-2008 13:24:41

nah just slots


29-02-2008 17:31:11

Maybe Brad Pitt will help you cheat the slots at the airport.


29-02-2008 17:54:03

Do some offers ;)

sandra habina

29-02-2008 21:59:21

Play the slots in the airport. You can not get to far in an hour.

Good luck. )


01-03-2008 00:35:17

Stop by honeybaked hams on centennial center and see me? lol. The airport has plenty of slots but those are a waste of time and money. With the time you have I would take a cab to the paris or the stratosphere, you can get an amazing with of the whole valley at the top of the eiffel tower or the stratoshper and then maybe play a hand or two of black jack. The benifit of going to the paris as opposed to the stratoshper is you will be right in front of the bellagio fountains which are pretty cool if you haven't seen them before.

If you enjoy wine or drink at all you might want to check out out the Piano bar are the Eiffel tower restaurant. Its a beautiful restaurant, has an extensive wine list and still has a great view being half way up the tower.

hope that helps


03-03-2008 07:05:00

Ended up going to a bar, and having a couple of beers. I couldn't miss my connection, and I thought leaving the airport might be troublesome.


03-03-2008 07:14:55

Good call