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23-02-2008 16:29:20

Hey all I wanted to let you know about a new program . If your interested send me a PM for my link . Below you will find some more information about the program .

FreebieForce is a New And Exciting Program!
liJust Launched FEB 1 st
Exclusive!!! No one else has it...Period!

liFREE Food & Meals liFREE Electronics liFREE Travel liFREE Jewelry liFREE Health and Beauty liFREE Clothing liFREE Entertainment liFREE Cell Phones
liFREE Concert Tickets liFREE Software liFREE Merchandise

There are $1000's of dollars worth of Freebies on this site
and updated regularly. It even comes with an affiliate program
Free stuff is great but we all want to make a little money too don't we?

(Contact me for a password or link for the free tour)

The stuff is really free. 1 or 2 ask for shipping costs.
Some things are discount vouchers instead of entire products but most is absolutely free including shipping, a couple you need to do a survey for also but we can always avoid those ones.

You can only access the site via a free tour, no information is given out on the splash page. The only catch is that you need to join the $10 affiliate program to access the actual freebies information, I guess the program operator wants something for his troubles in finding all this stuff but you get entry into a commission matrix for your troubles so the money you pay works for you anyway. The 5 x 7 forced matrix is paying $1 per member so you earn from it as well for your trouble of spreading the word.

No survey, no catches, no gimmicks for 99% of it. It is really links to free stuff and the site is constantly updated. To qualify just join and choose what you want, click the link and access it. Simple.

We have been members for 11 days, So far I have claimed and received the remote sleeves for the Wii remotes totally free and they threw in bonus wrist straps if you have a Wii you can claim up to 4. No shipping costs either, just a simple telephone call for me but US and Canada just click and apply online.

Downloaded over $1000 worth of games and software, had 2 family meals out, received skincare and hair care products. I have more stuff on the way and have not paid anything other than my $10 for which I now earn $15 for having 15 others come and join me.

Depending on what country you are in depends on what you can claim. US gets most of the stuff.

There are free nationwide bus trips to the first 100,000 people to claim them. A free full version game download every day, this site also gives a free software product daily.

The featured items are on the landing page, scroll down through those first they are the newest items. You can also go to City Centre for a country by country breakdown of extra stuff and the main page is broken down category by category, anything from nappies and soy milk to hotel accommodation and travel.

I am in Australia and could still claim over $1200 worth my first day. US get to claim a lot more than that

This is a Global Worldwide Opportunity with a 24/7 Information Hotline and
Daily Live Conference Calls

Here are just a few of the things that have already been picked up for FREE by members

li Batteries (several packages)
li $8.00 (value) socks (several of these)
li Golf Balls
li Ping-pong balls
li Air hockey pushers
li Hundreds of large jugs and boxes of 100% Juicy Juice (Nestle)
Some people actually got cash back on this one because the juice was on sale - 2 for $5.00 and the coupons were $3.50 each, so they ave $1.00 back per bottle!! Some bought 20-30 and more at a time getting money back!!
li 4 lb. bags of Purina Dog and Cat Food
li Numerous movie rentals
li Countless specialty drinks at Borders
li Mattels Polly Pockets
li One night in a Ramada (Suite) w/ jacuzzi in room
li $9.98 large beautiful houseplants
li 2 braided rugs
li Round trip flights
li $50.00 for test driving a nissan
li Beautiful pearl necklace ($50.00 value)
li Unlimited tacos, margaritas, beer....Yikes!
li Clothing from Lane Bryant, American Eagle, Coldwater Creek
li Dove chocolates from Walgreens
The list goes on and on. There are hundreds of items!!

Here is a sample of what is currently on offer
Isn't there something on this list that is worth joining for?

$50,000 worth of Free LIFE INSURANCE for people with children!
There will NEVER, EVER be a premium and it is literally COMPLETELY free!!
Free "Jacket" and wrist strap for your Wii-Mote if you own a Nintendo Wii !
FREE with FREE SHIPPING 1 Gigabyte Secure SD Card (for digital camera's, etc.)
FREE Full Version PC Game every day. Valued between $19-95 and $99-95
Get PAID to watch Cable TV AND get FREE HIGH-SPEED INTERNET too.
Free tickets to Disney World, Florida !!
Over 800,000 FREE and LEGAL MP3's for you to download !!
2 FREE Tickets to Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood !!
Free software download every single day. Valued between $19-95 and $199-95
Free DVD Rentals at any Redbox DVD Kiosk
FREE Flight and $100 FREE - for opening a checking account !
FREE String Cheese at Super Target !!
It's BACK! $20 RE-USEABLE gift card for McCormick and Schmick's
FREE IBM Lotus software suite valued at $305
FREE Sunsilk Products!
FREE Bus Trips! there are over 100,000 free trips for travel between Jan.16 and March 11.
FREE Weekend of Camping at KOA
FREE One Touch Glucose Meter
FREE Shick Quattro Razor!
FREE Soy MIlk!
There are hundred more offers and the list is updated regularly

Click on the link below!


23-02-2008 16:54:03

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