Free Microsoft Products For College Students

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20-02-2008 13:03:27

I don't know if any of you saw this on Slickdeals, but this is a pretty sweet. I signed up for this today. I put in my SSN and they verified that I was a college student. I got an email a couple hours later saying I was in and such.

It seems so unlike Microsoft to give away free software to the masses. Considering I'm sure people will exploit it.

You can move this to Deals if you'd like. I posted it to discuss the offer more than post it as a deal, but it can go where ever.


Visual Studio 2008 Pro
Visual Studio 2005 Pro
Windows Server 2003
SQL Server
Expression Studio
Game Studio 2.0


20-02-2008 13:41:28

Are any of those worth getting? I've never even heard of them.


20-02-2008 13:49:02

bruman, they're all server or development tools, not typical home user stuff. Visual Studio Pro sells for several hundred dollars at retail, so if you're interested in .NETurl==http://=http:///url development (VB/C++/C#/ASP) then yes it's a sweet deal. Same with Server 2003 and SQL Server. The only one on that list I'm not experienced with is Game Studio, but IIRC it's the SDK and tools used to cross-develop games for Windows and XBOX.

These educational deals are pretty common. Many universities have their own deals with Microsoft where you can get MS products free or very cheap, like $20 for any version of Windows or Office.

If I were still a student, I would probably load up, although I'm not a fan of MS development tools.


20-02-2008 14:24:29

Yeah, I've seen the Universities have deals. I've taken advantage of that in the past. I've never seen them make it this easy though. Oh well, I'm grabbing a couple.


20-02-2008 16:11:08

That's pretty cool. Thanks.