xbox 360 to support Blu-Ray?

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18-02-2008 12:45:38

I was watching game trailers tv last night and one of the interviewees said that the 360 may support blu-ray in the future once the format war is over. Does anyone think that this will happen. That would be pretty sweet. I am not saying that it is going to happen its just a rumor I heard.


18-02-2008 14:25:13

Seems reasonably likely that they'd offer it as an add-on, as they did with the HD-DVD peripheral. Less likely that they'll sell standalone units with Blu-Ray built in, but stranger things have happened. They are extremely focused on growing their video download business, but they'd also be at a pretty clear disadvantage to Sony without the option for Blu-Ray.


18-02-2008 18:01:55

Xbox 360? Not likely (then again you never know)... But I would imagine it would be in their next console.


18-02-2008 23:04:29

Could definately see it happen