IS it SPAM??

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15-02-2008 07:01:02

I have to know is it SPAM to PM traders you have worked with and had PM contact with already, about a new promos, opportunity, or even to do another site for you?

I know in the "email world" and "internet Business" this is sometimes refered to as "intellectual property". And of course you need to be respectful of this, you don't want to hound people or bumbard then with offers. But when you have something truly NEW that you think they will want or need, why can you not contact people you have already had contact with i.e. friends about the new idea??

I get PMs from traders I have gone green for offering me $ to do another site, why is this wrong??

See I was turned in for spamming. I sent out a few PMS to members that I have had PM contact with the PM said

Are you interested in a free $25, with no offers to fill out??[/size8ce2d6630f]

This is going to be the easiest $25 you ever made.....
A new payment processor competing with paypal has just launched.
They are offering $25 cash just for signing up!
They also offer no fees for sending or receiving money and are growing like wildfire

They pay you $25 just to sign up. They pay me $10 for sending you an email invite if you sign up.

I have already gotten my $25 + $10 for referring someone. Hoping to refer a bunch more. You can too!

So if you are interested in an easy $25 send me the email you want me to send it to. It can only be sent through email.[/color8ce2d6630f]

Though maybe it DOES NOT Matter WHAT the content of the PM was, as we saw with Sandra, who was contacting to help and make relations, not initially to sell. But she was contacted most every new person.

I PMed only members I had had prior PM contact with.

Will one of the FANTASTIC mediators of the forum clarify this issue for me and well us all??

Hey and thanks for the "warning" and not just giving me "the boot."

Green Monkey

Thank you


15-02-2008 07:10:19

In your case, it seems that you were contacting people that you had dealt with privately in the past. That said, someone still interpreted your generic PM as spam and reported you.

The PM spamming policy is pretty clear. Don't send unsolicited PMs about trading. If someone is posting in the Trading Post and is currently open to the kinds of offers you're proposing, feel free to PM. But don't just send PMs indiscriminately to people that might not still be trading, even if you had private contact with them a few weeks ago. It's not up to you to decide how badly someone else wants or needs your amazing trading offer.


15-02-2008 09:14:23

I was going to clarify something in the spam thread but since you made this thread I'll do it here.

Just because someone PMs you, you shouldn't reply with something totally unrelated unless you've worked with the person before and know them better IMO. I think that's what the user who reported you was complaining about. Otherwise, someone can make a post in the trading post to get people to PM them, but then turn back to spam everyone back with their own offer.

You were sending these PMs to people who had never worked with you, who had only sent you a PM because you posted in the trading thread (guessing you offered to green but I don't know). That's spam to me unless the user who PMs you says you can send them offers like this.

This is not something I would've reported myself, but someone did and I guess they have a reason to do so. You might've had contact with the person before but it is still an unsolicited PM about trading.