Finally back but wow...

Live forum:


13-02-2008 13:44:17

35 dollars on a trainn site... that is absurd lol... been looking around at cash offers for greens and seeing 35-40 on 50 dollar cashout sites...



13-02-2008 13:53:12

lol! I'm paying $35 for Trainn. And I'm still not getting refs! It's crazy!


13-02-2008 13:55:04

ya almost as absurd as $500 hoodies and kicks dawg!!!!


13-02-2008 14:16:08

lol i do the sneakers...

and yo alot of people fail to realize that resell value on shoes from the time they release to once they arent available in stores is some nice green...

i dont do hoodies, but all my kicks i buy retail... now look at the prices )))

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