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12-02-2008 14:19:44

Hey all,

I just wanted to apologize for the post I had about the MLM/Red Sox thing.

I had good intentions of kind of showing something cool that I stumbled across and it got out of hand and then I kept trying to defend it because I got sucked in and I didn't mean for it to become what it did.

I still plan on pursuing it, but I realize now that this is not the place to discuss it and I'm sorry I was out of line.

So for whoever's time I wasted, I apologize and it won't happen again.

I'm no bum, I can admit when I'm an idiot. CG, please stop hating me and feel free to lock this one, I just wanted to apologize.


12-02-2008 14:21:52



12-02-2008 14:33:18

I like your arms.


12-02-2008 14:38:14

[quote4bd57fbdc6="Veek"]I like your arms.[/quote4bd57fbdc6]

who are you foafy?


12-02-2008 15:03:31

CG resembles a douche nozzle and hates everyone, so don't take it personally.


12-02-2008 15:50:00

[quote78f2dfa819="theysayjump"]CG resembles a douche nozzle and hates everyone, so don't take it personally.[/quote78f2dfa819]

hahaha that's hilarious.


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12-02-2008 16:57:43

It's fine. )

When people first hear about MLM stuff they tend to get all fired up about it. I think it's better that you made the post because it helped your skepticism and other member's skepticism. Anyway, good luck on it; just don't go into it without your head in the clouds. P


12-02-2008 19:05:28

[quotee1efb1c1e3="manOFice"][quotee1efb1c1e3="Veek"]I like your arms.[/quotee1efb1c1e3]

who are you foafy?[/quotee1efb1c1e3]

If that was true, he would have a girlfriend by now.


12-02-2008 19:17:45

[quotec19bc37da4="TravMan162"]CG, please stop hating me[/quotec19bc37da4]

No worries, there's very few people that bother me enough to even dislike let alone hate. We coo 8)


12-02-2008 19:29:23

[quote78c49d66dd="Veek"][quote78c49d66dd="manOFice"][quote78c49d66dd="Veek"]I like your arms.[/quote78c49d66dd]

who are you foafy?[/quote78c49d66dd]

If that was true, he would have a girlfriend by now.[/quote78c49d66dd]



12-02-2008 20:21:52

what's a foafy?


12-02-2008 20:37:21

The guy pictured here

http//forum.freeipodguide.com/smilies_mod/upload/7ea1137eaf731380999c41f9934d16f4.gif[" alt=""/img0ba8d7eee0]