PayPal Debit Card Question

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09-02-2008 19:20:06

Alright, so I use my PayPal Debit Card just about every day, and I've beaten the thing to death. Its almost in two pieces. (its cracking right by the magnetic bar thing all the way across)

So my question is, what should I do? Obviously I want to get a new one, but when I try to do so, the site tells me that I need to use a different name because there's already a card with my name on it.

Whats the easiest thing to do? Report it lost/stolen and get a new one? Or should I call them and have them make a new one?


09-02-2008 19:39:46

I would recommend calling PayPal up and speaking to a representative and explain what's going on.
After thoroughly verifying your information, I'm sure they wouldn't have any trouble issuing you a new card.


09-02-2008 20:04:54

Don't lie about anything, whatever you do. Like, don't report it lost or stolen, because they're going to try to track it. Just do what samz said. )


09-02-2008 20:17:08

Happens all the time with any credit/debit card. They shouldn't have a problem with re-issuing you a new card due to damage, but you'll probably have to call.


10-02-2008 01:01:39

I got a paypal debit card and it has never worked (, every time I have tried it with my pin and money in my account it won't go through...


10-02-2008 01:39:49

suggest you do NOT report it lost/stolen because there is a hard limit of 2 replacements on your paypal account so if it actually IS lost/stolen a couple times in the future you might end up in a crummy situation (consider how long you might have the account...)


10-02-2008 07:12:14

[quote70ee686326="tjwor"]I got a paypal debit card and it has never worked (, every time I have tried it with my pin and money in my account it won't go through...[/quote70ee686326]
Did you ever activate it online?


10-02-2008 08:20:52

i love my paypal debit card i use it everywhere everyday too. just call and let a representative know the situation. you may have to pay a small fee for a new card but they should have no problem issueing a new one. But like said earlier dont call and lie about it. They would probably put a hold on your account for awhile


10-02-2008 10:53:15

Alright well I'll give them a call either today or tomorrow and let them know the card is damaged. Thanks everyone.


13-02-2008 11:04:48

Does anyone know how long it to takes to add a bank account to paypal?