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08-02-2008 22:14:30

Hey guys,

If you are into health, disease prevention, excellent business opportunities, or if you are a fan of Bobby Kielty or the Red Sox, read as much of this as you can as this can be a tremendous opportunity for anyone out there who will give this a shot.

Let me give you a quick rundown of what is going on here. There is a new health drink product that is about to hit the market called Mona Vie. It is a drink that is created from a serious blend of exotic berries from the Amazon, centered around one really powerful berry called the "Acai Berry." This drink is scientifically proven to be able to prevent diseases and aid in repairing and curing diseases that are already hurting your body. It has so many more benefits, but I'm not here to hype the product. That's not what this is about.

This is about the business aspect of this product and how there is an insane ability to make a ridiculous amount of money through this product.
First off, let me tell you how I am personally working under Bobby Kielty and how you can be too.

Basically, I am a member of myspace, and on myspace there is a page called "SoxSpace." It is run by someone named Jared Carrabis and it is more or less a place to gather all the sox fans of the world into one place where they can comment, discuss and read about all the happenings of the Red Sox. Jared has ties with the Red Sox as he's done things with Jerry Remy and even tried out for Red Sox Nation president.

At the same time Jared was building his name and getting involved in various projects, Bobby Kielty and his best friend Scott were busy forming the foundation for a business centered around this Mona Vie product. In order to succeed, they needed a few people that would be dedicated and motivated enough to team up with them and ride this thing to the top, so they got in contact with Jared and decided to team up with him. Since Jared has a tremendous network of people, he put up a bulletin detailing this business opportunity and asked each interested person to send him a sort of "resume." I did so and he liked me and consequently invited me to take part in a conference call, where i got to talk to Scott and Bobby and learn more about what this was all about. Afterwards, Scott emailed me and said i was just what he was looking for and wanted to talk to me. So he called me, we shot the shit for a bit and now we are here. Recruiting people to work directly under him, Bobby and Jared.

The details of this aren't important right now, all that is important is interest level. If your interest is piqued at all, I want to invite you to listen to the next conference call to find out what this is all about and I guarantee you will be pumped. There is a lot of freaking money to be made, and all you need to do is PM me, or post here and I will get you started. you don't have to buy anything, you don't need to DO anything except listen. It's not a sales pitch, it's just information. I promise you will want in on this. PLEASE if you are interested, PM me or post. The next call is tomorrow morning, but if you can't make that, then you have to wait until next week. It's really exciting and since I know most of you have an entrepreneur mind set, you could make a lot of money with minimal work down the stretch. Again, there is no commitment, no nothing. Just access to information. Thanks for reading and i look forward to hearing from you guys ) ) )


08-02-2008 22:18:30


I know there is a big pessimistic mind set with something like this "There's no way this will work," "This is a scam," "This is all hype and no delivery."

Please, before you come to these conclusions, just give this a listen. It's just information and you don't even need to say A THING. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. You don't need to sign up for anything, you won't be billed for anything and again, if you're not interested you can just hang up. But this is going to be big and the more people that get involved, the bigger it will be...

Post or PM me and let's get the ball rolling ) ) )


08-02-2008 22:24:59

Ah, so is this a multilevel thing like Xango[]Xango? Sounds like just another MLM program to me.


08-02-2008 22:49:36

Ha, I'm not sure what Xango is, but to answer your question, yes, it is Network marketing, but before you say "ah MLM, network marketing doesn't work, it's a scheme," consider this

First, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is, anyone can get into this type of marketing and the bad news is.... Anyone can get into this type of marketing. Consequently, because of the fact that people will go into this expecting to do nothing and get paid, people can create a bad perception of what really is a great thing.

That's the mind set you have. Think of it this way. Have you ever burned your lips on a cup of coffee? Of course you have, but did that stop you from drinking coffee? Of course not, it taught you to be more careful when drinking the coffee. That's how network marketing is. Just because uneducated people had a bad experience with what was probably a bad company, doesn't mean it is all bad.

Mona Vie is an incredible product with an incredible network of people pursuing it, in a market that is about to explode. Again, like i said, if you're not interested, that's fine, but before you completely dismiss it as "just another MLM scheme" you could learn a bit about it and find out that it's actually quite impressive. Thanks for the question J4320, in fact I'm glad you asked that b/c I'm sure many others will be in that same mind set ) ) )


08-02-2008 23:02:50

I know plenty about MLM stuff. My dad experimented with it when he was younger and now we have like a lifetime supply of this stuff --


I remember bathing in it when I had chicken pox as a little kid because it's supposedly good for your skin. We now get Xango too, It's not a miracle drink or anything like the people behind it like to say it is but it sure does taste good. Sometimes I'll add some of it to tea. But yeah, it's nice to get a good tasting supposedly healthy drink along with a check along the side. P

Anyway, good luck. I don't do it because I don't like bothering friends about this stuff.


08-02-2008 23:11:03

hahaha, well i don't think you want to bathing in this shit, but i see where you're coming from. I don't normally like to bother people with this either, but i really believe in this product and the people that i'm working with, and i think that getting people involved in this particular one is a good thing. but i respect your opinion, and thank you for the good luck ) ) )


09-02-2008 00:21:56

Sigh. My dad bought into he does many other things...basically out of boredom. A few co-workers at my previous job did as well. From what I've seen and heard first-hand...stand clear.


09-02-2008 08:30:45

Did they buy into Mona Vie or something else.

I mean, I've been in the shoes of the onlooker and I know there is nothing I can say to convince you, and I'm not sure I want to, because I want people that are genuinely interested in health and the health of others.

Why would Bobby Kielty and now Papelbon risk their names to promote a product that sucks? Ha, I'm not even trying to sell it, just recommending people check out the call ) ) )


09-02-2008 08:45:13

For people who are interested in health, I would just suggest a balanced diet, eating the recommended amount of fruits and veggies, and regular exercise. An exotic blend of berries from the Amazon isn't necessary to keep you in good health.

Mona Vie is very expensive (it'll cost you $160-180 per month, if you use as recommended). You're promoting it here because you like it, and want to build a line of people beneath you, so you can make some money through other people's work. It's been obvious from the tone of your posts that you're here to sell people on it and build a line of people under you. All you did was go on and on about how much money there is to be made, and how nobody should pass it up.

Same thing I've heard from friends trying to sell me on Quixtar.


09-02-2008 08:58:08

See, I just started doing this because I thought it would be cool to be involved with Red Sox players and something they're interested in. It's neat. That's all. Yes, there is money to be made, but I also have made it perfectly clear that I'm not selling anything, or encouraging you to buy anything. Just to join the call and talk to Bobby and maybe see something beneficial. If that's not your thing, fine, but saying that I'm trying to build a line of people to capitalize off their work is not the case.

What's Quixtar, by the by?


09-02-2008 13:30:04

Also, I just want to add that I have good intentions of posting this on here. I know a lot of you work from home using this forum and other things of this nature as your primary income. Since so many of you have helped me out here, I wanted to let you know about this opportunity first, because I firmly believe for many of you this is right up your alley.

You can call it a scam all you want, but the truth of the matter is, why would big name baseball players risk their image for a scam?

Honestly, it works kind of the same way as freebies do. Sign up under someone, complete a task, get paid and then start doing it yourself. Now since it's a bit more expensive of a product, you immediately label it a scam. It is absolutely not that.

I'll keep posting info on here and hopefully you guys will at the very least stop calling it a "scam" and maybe spark a little interest. I was prepared for the pessimism, trust me )

You guys are awesome though, I love this site and the people in it, and I wouldn't screw it up with a scam.


09-02-2008 14:23:10 know it's a waste of time when ppl only tell you what a great opportunity something is, but really won't tell you shit about the opportunity itself.


09-02-2008 16:51:19

Why don't you just post the information here for us to read?

I once tried something like this - the biggest turnoff for me was that the person I was working with wouldn't just come out and answer my questions - first was the "free packet of information". Step 2 was "another DVD". Step 3 was the phone call.

He lost me at the phone call and I actually regret even wasting my time with the other two steps.

Just tell us everything now and we'll move on it if we like it. No phone call necessary.


09-02-2008 17:27:20

Quixtar is the new name for Amway. Been doing it for years.


09-02-2008 21:56:27

you guys raise a very good point and honestly, I never thought of it the way ILoveToys and KT412 put it... I guess the answer to why I haven't just posted the info here is the fact that I wasn't really comfortable in explaining everything because I'm not that great at illustrating my ideas in a straight, logical, concise and to the point manner... But you have a really good point, and I suppose that if I PERSONALLY am going to succeed, I need to learn how to do that effectively... Now's a great time to start. Honestly, I'm not trying to rip you guys off, and I'm just starting this myself. Feedback is key and I will appreciate yours. Just don't immediately assume this is a scam because I assure you. It's not. I suggest joining the call because Scott is amazing at getting the point across and explaining everything to a T, but here is my version of events. ) ) )

First off, I want to address some of the concerns people have had so far, starting of course with the negative connotation "Network Marketing" has received. THIS IS network marketing, however, there is more to it than that. Many people who do not understand how it works are quick to call this a "Pyramid Scheme." This is a completely wrong way of looking at this. A pyramid scheme is an illegal business format in which there is a shit product, or sometimes no product at all, it starts with one person who then sells his "product" or idea of a product to a few other people, who hopefully do the same to other people and so on and so forth, but the clincher is that the person who started it ALWAYS makes the most money and no matter what you do, you will never make more than him. Faulty product, faulty business model, illegal format and overall a garbage ideal.

Mona Vie is similar to a pyramid, but the thought behind it is much more beneficial, legal and you have a great product to work with. Before I go into the business part of it again, I want to address another huge issue that people are having with the product itself. Mona Vie, like CollidgeGraduit said, is not necessary to survive. Plain in simple. It's a little pricey. No doubt. HOWEVER. If used as recommended it ends up being about $4.00 a day. I'm not going to hype up the product or anything, but it is important to put this into perspective.

The human body is designed to repair itself and fight off disease, but in order to do so, it needs a proper amount of antioxidants that you get from fruits and veggies, and that is why the FDA recommends 5-7 servings of each a day. Great. Who's doing that? Not a single one of us is religiously pounding down that many fruits and veggies a day. You just don't.

However what you DO do (I said do-do ) ) ) is buy rockstars, coffees, sodas, cigarettes and all this other garbage which is most likely costing you AT LEAST four bucks a day, if not way the hell more... Do the math. You don't realize it, but you're spending 200 bucks a month on garbage.

This product, amongst other things, has helped people get back to the way their body was engineered to be. It helps boost energy level back to normal and starts to get rid of the ups and downs caused by lack of energy, caffeine intake and all this other crap. In Bobby Kielty himself, he has seen his joint and ligament pains and breakdown begin to subside (which is HUGE in baseball) and he's even claimed to have clearer vision during the day. It delivers all the fruits and veggies you need, as well as having the main ingredient, the Acai berry which has kept the group of people that harvest it (the Yanomami Indians) living with no signs of disease to well over 100 years old. Again, I'm not trying to hype the product, but everyone seemed to be a little pessimistic about it, comparing it to Xango, and all this other crap. Check out and see for yourself. This is unlike any of these other drinks or health foods you have ever seen.

Next is the business aspect of it. I'll post that next to break it up a bit ) ) )


09-02-2008 22:20:28

The Business Part of it...

Here's where the real fun starts. Like previously stated in the first post, Bobby Kielty and Scott got their hands on this product about a month ago, tried it out and immediately knew that this was the real deal. They realized that this product had not even begun to break the tip of the iceberg in getting into the market and the mainstream, so they decided to join Mona Vie's business plan. Again, you can check it out on There is a serious compensation plan involved with this product, and Bobby and Scott realized that since they were fairly high up people in society, they would be able to do a few things with this

1.) Help get this product into the mainstream and start getting people healthy again
2.) Make money doing it
3.) Become healthy themselves AND
4.) (the part that I find the coolest) vow to help all of us little guys succeed in this as well.

I mean, how often do you get a famous freaking baseball star to literally be so into this, that he will call you just to see you succeed?

Now the way this works is, you basically are going to set up two legs to work off of. What this means is that you need to get TWO people at the very least to get into this product with you. As you can see, the battle I've been fighting is to get people to abandon the negativity they have for Straight up selling things, and the negativity they have for a product that makes a claim.

This is kind of hard to explain, so bear with me and PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS. ) ) )

This is a binary Tree System.

What this means is that each person needs to sign up under someone, and that someone is the one who introduced you to this. (In this case you would sign up under me.) Now, consider yourself the top of your tree. Picture this as a family tree that you are about to start and you are at the top.

Now you find the two people you need to sign up under you. You only need the TWO LEGS TO WORK ON so anything after that is bonus. so let's say you sign up your girl Megan and your good buddy TomTom from Albuquerque. Megan will go on your left "leg" (the left branch of your tree) and TomTom from Albuquerque will go on your right. These are your two legs from which all future people will be placed. Once you get another person, let's say it's your old dear mother, estelle. Estelle, since your two legs are already taken up, will be put under one of your two legs. So she will go under Megan. She still signs up under you, so you get a cut of the commission, but she ALSO goes under megan, who will ALSO get some of the commissions.

Now since you signed up UNDER me, you will be under one of my legs and all the people you sign up will help me out, and likewise all the people that we both sign up will help the person I signed up under. This way, everyone is helping each other to make money, everyone is spreading the word, and everyone is getting healthier in the process.

Commissions are a whole separate discussion, but hopefully this will be enough so far to get you motivated. PLEASE PM ME or hell, call me, I'll even throw my number out there to show I'm not messing around 1.413.626.6269 and let's start taking care of business. Finally someone is interested and I plan on starting with him tonight. Don't let this pass by. Like I said, so many of you have helped me out, that I have a chance now to return the favor. Let's do this ) ) )


10-02-2008 08:03:16

P.S. I need one more driven motivated person... If you don't believe, or still think this is a "scam" between Bobby, Scott and I, we can show you that this the real deal. PM me, if you don't like what I have to say, walk away, but you have nothing to lose ) ) )


10-02-2008 09:28:58

I wasn't even sure we should allow this post here because it's at least as bad as someone trying to get referrals. So from what you described, this just sounds like a pyramid scheme modified to be legal. Everything you say is no different than what has been said by the amway/quixtar guys.

Why gloss over the commissions? Why not tell people here how much they have to pay to have the rights to sell this product, and the exact commissions they can collect from people downstream and how much they have to pay up? I bet in this conference call you will bring up people that make good money but won't talk about the many who probably end up losing money.

I even looked at the Income Disclosure Statement on the website. The income distribution sure looks like a pyramid to me. Guess how much 36% of the distributors made on average annually. $78. 41% made only $1k annually. You're better off doing freebies IMO.

Also, just because someone is an MLB player (who has been traded around and only played 33 games last year), it doesn't legitimize the business.

As for the product, as it is fruit juice, I'm sure it's good for you. As good as maybe eating fruits and vegetables like CG says, or having a V8. You also have to wonder why they don't just push this drink through retail channels - there are plenty of $3-$4 fruit drinks on the shelves.


10-02-2008 10:08:35

[quote043c647a35="hehehhehe"]Also, just because someone is an MLB player (who has been traded around and only played 33 games last year), it doesn't legitimize the business.[/quote043c647a35]

Sounds like a good reason for him to try and quickly build a good downline, because I don't think he's got a huge future in MLB.


10-02-2008 12:42:53

Define huge, I mean, he just signed a contract worth 800,000. Compared to other baseball players, obviously, that's not much, but it's way more than we're making. Especially if freebies is our main source of income, he's making roughly 25 times what we are making.

Also, this model is newer and no one (until very recently) has put together a very solid campaign for this product because they haven't had the resources to do so. I don't understand why you keep attacking its legitimacy. This is only worth the effort you put into it. Obviously, people making $70 put zero effort into this. In fact, that means they got two people who didn't give a crap and they did nothing with this. Most likely because everyone automatically assumes this is a scam.

Now since the mods on this site are the ones that are having the biggest problem with this, I want to address your issues in a way that you can relate to. Basically, as I said before, the problem with this is that anyone can get in. So what happens with the model I'm proposing is very similar to what happens here in the Freebie world.

Most of the people hear about the freebie world, or what I'm trying to do, and get this idea in their head that it is a free ride where you can make a ton of money with minimal effort, but once they find out that it actually takes some degree of dedication, they either lose interest, or lack the desire to continue.

Honestly, mods, look at the freebie world... This site alone, look at how many people join and then realize that they need to actually sign up refs to get the free prizes and immediately quit. Look at your list of recent sign ons and tell me how many of them immediately quit. Seriously. Look, one out of every maybe 50 people actually do something with this site after they sign on. Now if you lump their successes in with the successes of everyone else, tell me how productive this site is as a whole. Now if you just ignore all them and compile all the successes of the people who actually use the site and reap its benefits, it's looking pretty good now isn't it.

Same thing with my deal. Most people sign on, realize there is WORK involved and roll, therefore vastly decreasing the average salary figures.

YES, this is a high end product. YES, it's pricey. YES, it costs $35 to start (which honestly, if I think you are going to DO something with this plan, I would pay it for you) and YES it takes work. But the "why don't you just do this, instead of this" mentality applies to this just as it would anything else. "Why don't you just buy regular fruit juice instead of this product because it's much cheaper" Well why don't you play your Nintendo 8-bit instead of buying a Playstation 3, it's much cheaper. Why don't you buy a 1990 ford taurus instead of that Scion because it's much cheaper?

It's a high end product, no doubt about it. It takes some work to succeed, no doubt about it. But with the comparisons I've just made, is it really that much different from the freebie world?


10-02-2008 12:59:37

[quotebd15f293a6="TravMan162"] Well why don't you play your Nintendo 8-bit instead of buying a Playstation 3, it's much cheaper. [/quotebd15f293a6]

Because PS3 has better graphics, better games, better game play, it's newer, I assume the "Nintendo 8-bit" no longer makes new games, and in all - PS3 blows it away. But honestly, I'd rather have a 360 or Wii.

[quotebd15f293a6="TravMan162"]Why don't you buy a 1990 ford taurus instead of that Scion because it's much cheaper? [/quotebd15f293a6]

The new Scion is more relible, I'm sure is drives much better, will last a lot longer and has a few nice extras that the 1990 Taurus doesn't have.

[quotebd15f293a6="TravMan162"]It's a high end product, no doubt about it. It takes some work to succeed, no doubt about it. But with the comparisons I've just made, is it really that much different from the freebie world? [/quotebd15f293a6]

Yes. I'm sorry, but I fail to believe that the benefits from this drink are the much greater than juices and other drinks in stores now. I'm not saying this is a scam, but the huge benefit of this drink seem unrealistic for the price.


10-02-2008 13:18:15

Slambam. THANK YOU for stating a concern that isn't about this being a scam.

This is where we start. Naturally people are going to be skeptical. I mean it's an expensive product and people WILL NOT immediately believe that it is all it is cracked up to be. If testimonials won't work for you, and someone like Bobby can't at least get you to consider that this product is amazing, then I can always let you try the product for a week on me and you can tell me how you like it.

That's something that will cost me money, no doubt, but that's where believing in the product comes into play. I don't mind buying a few bottles, because I believe that a lot of people who try it will also want in on either the product itself, the business, or both. I'd prefer not to have to shell out bottles just to prove it's not a scam, but if you were to put it to me like this "I'm interested in the system, but I'm not sure the product is as effective as described, and before moving forward, I'd like to try it before I commit" then I would absolutely hook you up. But in fairness to me, I would hope that you had some interest before asking me for a bottle haha. Like we've discussed, it's a bit pricey, and I'm not rich.

I appreciate the post, that was good ) ) )


10-02-2008 22:38:26

Just out of curiosity why is this post still here?

It's not a scam, it's the closet thing to a scam.

To buy a similar priced unhyped product would cost you maybe $20 a month. All your doing is buying into the fancy bottle and idea.

Mona Vie is a complete rip off, my parents bought some and I chewed them out for it.

And if you were to spend the same money a month as you would on Mona vie you'd be at least 5 times as health.


11-02-2008 03:16:17

Okay, obviously your parents who are older and wiser than you thought something of this product, no?

And, what might you buy for $20 that is going to give you great health? A month's supply of milk? Come on, are we serious with this? Did you try it, or are you, just like everyone else, assuming that because it is more expensive than Tropicana, it's a ripoff?

Good things cost money. Plain and simple. I personally would rather spend $35 a week increasing my health with this than spending $35 a week on cigarettes that would kill me. But yet, no one's calling cigarettes a ripoff scam. Guess it's a matter of priorities.


11-02-2008 04:01:52

Trav....give up...this is not the place to find ppl to sell underneath you or to even buy from you....


11-02-2008 04:03:56

[quoteed06125fac="TravMan162"]Good things cost money. Plain and simple. I personally would rather spend $35 a week increasing my health with this than spending $35 a week on cigarettes that would kill me. But yet, no one's calling cigarettes a ripoff scam. Guess it's a matter of priorities.[/quoteed06125fac]

Good things cost money, but they don't [bed06125fac]need[/bed06125fac] to cost an exorbitant amount of money. $35 a week will buy you more fresh fruits and veggies than you would know what to do with. Not only would you be getting the benefit from all that healthy food, it would fill a considerable amount of your meals, so it would also be cutting out the less healthy foods. Combine that with exercise, and that's how you get healthier and stay healthier. For a professional athlete to be pimping a miracle juice instead of a healthy lifestyle makes me question his knowledge to begin with.

You may have thought this forum was the perfect target for building your downline because of the amount of people here wanting to make some money working from home. However, thankfully most of the active members here are people that are on the skeptical end of the spectrum, and generally don't buy into things that look too good to be true. True, freebies seem too good to be true, but the way most of the people found this site is by doing the research to see if there really was a such thing as Free iPods.

I've got no doubt that you believe in getting rich through this program, but it's obvious you're here to promote yourself and make some money. You can't claim you're just "trying to help" others, because there's no value in Mona Vie at that price. I'm locking this thread. Please don't PM any moderators regarding the thread or re-opening it, because those PMs will fall on deaf ears.