20Q Online...Weird

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06-02-2008 13:14:18


Go and play it. It tries to guess who/what you are in under 30 questions. Its gets it.. a lot.


06-02-2008 13:21:03

I have the little hand held, it's creepy how it gets most things i'm guessing


06-02-2008 13:36:35


I did "Other" and I decided to go with fleshlight ---

[quotef23d5a2d40]28. I guessed that it was pyjamas? Wrong.
27. Does it have a hole in it? Yes.
26. I guessed that it was a woodstove? Wrong.
25. Can you use it with your friends? Probably.
24. Is it found in a bathroom? No.
23. Is it bigger than a sofa? No.
22. Can you switch it on and off? No.
21. Do most people use this daily? Sometimes.
20. I guessed that it was a water bed? Wrong.
19. Can it be refilled? Yes.
18. Do you use it in public? No.
17. Do you clean it regularly? Yes.
16. Does it contain a liquid? Sometimes.
15. Can you put something into it? Yes.
14. Does it have a horn? No.
13. Does it require specific knowledge to use it? Doubtful.
12. Is it small? No.
11. Is it used by the police? No.
10. Is it a source of energy? No.
9. Is it shiny? Sometimes.
8. Can it swim? No.
7. Can you see through it? No.
6. Is it carbon-based? Yes.
5. Would you use it in the dark? Yes.
4. Is it white? Sometimes.
3. Is it larger than a pound of butter? Yes.
2. Does it bring joy to people? Yes.
1. It is classified as Other.[/quotef23d5a2d40]

"Does it have a hole in it?" After it asked that it said pajamas then girlfriend. lol

I win.


06-02-2008 14:07:51

This is older then dirt.


06-02-2008 14:14:57

It totally bombed on trying to guess hard hat.


06-02-2008 14:25:12

My thing was "turd"

[quoteb8dff2905f]Q17. I am guessing that it is manure?
Right, Wrong, Close
16. Is it lumpy? Yes.
15. Does it grow over time? Sometimes.
14. Is it annoying? No.
13. Can it bend without breaking? Sometimes.
12. Is it smooth? Sometimes.
11. Can it be placed on your head? No.
10. Is it brown? Yes.
9. Is it slippery? Sometimes.
8. Does it bring joy to people? No.
7. Is it considered man's best friend? No.
6. Does it live in salt-water? No.
5. Is it shaped like a hot dog? Sometimes.
4. Does it come from a plant? No.
3. Can it blink? No.
2. Can you find it in a house? Sometimes.
1. Was it invented? No.
It is classified as Unknown.[/quoteb8dff2905f]


06-02-2008 14:28:37

I've played with the little handheld units in the stores, and wasn't impressed. This online version, however, was pretty smart and guessed 4 out of 5 things I threw at it. Note that the "Classic 20Q" is the smartest, the others are newer and haven't learned as much.

I was actually shocked when it seemed to almost read my mind on the first item. I know it was coincidental timing of a standard question, but it still threw me. I was looking at the whiteboard across my desk so figured I'd start with the that. The SECOND question, after the animal/vegetable/mineral/other question, was "can you write on it?" I thought, "Woahhhh..." ) It guessed correctly at Q19 btw. It also guessed "bookcase" by Q18, and "fan" and "remote control" by Q15 or so. It failed to guess "printer" although it had it in its database, but my answers threw it off. It was nitpicking over things like whether a printer "processes data" or "displays anything."


06-02-2008 14:51:23

That was pretty fun...it managed to guess a lot of what I was thinking about. And it totally nailed all the Disney Princesses my 7 year old was thinking about.


06-02-2008 18:21:02

i remember when this game first came out, someone had it at school and everyone said that they thought the ball heard what you said, so they'd tell you to not say it out loud cause it would guess it easier that way...

I Lol'd


06-02-2008 21:58:31

Thank you tjwor! I was trying to remember where I'd seen this before. I searched the forums a couple times but couldn't find it. Someone had brought one of those 20Q ball thingies to a Christmas or New Year's party. You see, sometimes I get real life and FiPG mixed up...


06-02-2008 22:15:04

This thing sucks at guessing animals.


13-02-2008 11:15:55

I love playing 20q's, had never seen the online version before though


13-02-2008 13:33:12

This just reminded me of this thing, I'm not trying to jack your thread, but I'm sure some of you have heard of this. Peteranswers.com

It's great. If you Wikipedia it, you can learn how to make it work and if you have someone with you that doesn't know about it, you can really really mess with them... That thing was freaking me out when I was introduced to it hahaha.