I'm Pumped about what my become my Best Freebie Ever!

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04-02-2008 23:36:13

So, I completed a Nui-Tech site well over a year ago which stated "$2000 Mastercard for a Beaches Family Vacation" I was approved and everything and then got an email with a travel agent who was to book my trip. I tried everything I could think of to get them to give me the $2000 Gift card that was originally offered, this brought me no luck.

Next i tried to plan a trip to London... This would have worked great, excecpt the travel agent swiftly told me that the vacation could only be to a Sandals resort...

Then I went to college... I kind of forgot about the trip, didn't know when i would be able to take it, who to go with me, and how to get it all set up.

Then i remembered it this school year but could not find my information anywhere for it... I had no idea what email address i used, whether it was for my home address or school address or any of that stuff, and i sort of just gave up on the plan.

Then one day i decided to look through a bunch of my old email accounts to find some email (idr what i was even looking for) and there it was! An email from Family-offer.com support. They told me that I still had not contacted my travel agent to plan my trip and I needed to get it done... The email had been sent just hours before I decided to check these random emails, and I haven't checked them since even... So it was just a very lucky thing...

anyways, and [b18e498009f]the important part[/b18e498009f]...

I got my trip planned for over spring break! I found a great deal at one of the Sandals resorts with a free day in there, making it so I can take a 4 Day trip with my girlfriend and not have to pay too much out of my pocket! She is super excited, i'm super excited and wanted to tell someone about it!!

So, I thought that my 2 42" tv's, multiple 2K checks, a few thousand and gift cards were good, but I think this may be the most satisfying freebie i've ever had, and it hasn't even been fulfilled yet!

[b18e498009f]My main thing here was not to brag, but find out if any of you have been to a Sandals resort and what your opinion or suggestions are! I'm going to Sandals Grande Ocho Rios...[/b18e498009f]


05-02-2008 00:17:12

I haven't been to a Sandals resort...but my (now ex) girlfriend and I spent 4 days at Couples San Souci in Ocho Rios. It's a gorgeous place. I don't recall what made me choose San Souci over Sandals, but I think you'll be very happy. Congratulations!

sandra habina

05-02-2008 00:28:48

That is a great story. Very lucky. Have a wonderful time, I am sure you both will. I have seen the Sandals resorts on the internet and TV and they look fantastic. Congrats. )


05-02-2008 05:19:31

i walked by that when i was in jamaica. it looked nice. just make sure you get out and experience some less touristy stuff... i'm glad we stayed in a cheapass hostel rather than a resort


05-02-2008 10:40:41

http//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ec/Jamaica_Jan_Sun_Princess.jpg[" alt=""/imgf0b9c9007a]


05-02-2008 11:29:13

[quote28f2186696="ajasax"]http//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ec/Jamaica_Jan_Sun_Princess.jpg[" alt=""/img28f2186696][/quote28f2186696]

LMAO! That's the first thing I thought of when I heard "Sandals Jamaica".


05-02-2008 11:30:35

Stayed at one of the Sandals resorts in Jamaica is was nice, not great, service and food was good, you have to goto the larger sandals resort to enjoy the better food and whatnot overall I would give it an 7.5/10


05-02-2008 12:38:04

[quoted772ba5389="EatChex89"][quoted772ba5389="ajasax"]http//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ec/Jamaica_Jan_Sun_Princess.jpg[" alt=""/imgd772ba5389][/quoted772ba5389]

LMAO! That's the first thing I thought of when I heard "Sandals Jamaica".[/quoted772ba5389]
Haha I love The Office. That's what came to mind for me too.
Anyway, have fun man.


05-02-2008 16:24:58

wow man! congrats and im jealous that u and ur gf gets to go...


05-02-2008 16:52:53

[quote3c0e7e1d41="samz465"][quote3c0e7e1d41="EatChex89"][quote3c0e7e1d41="ajasax"]http//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ec/Jamaica_Jan_Sun_Princess.jpg[" alt=""/img3c0e7e1d41][/quote3c0e7e1d41]

LMAO! That's the first thing I thought of when I heard "Sandals Jamaica".[/quote3c0e7e1d41]
Haha I love The Office. That's what came to mind for me too.
Anyway, have fun man.[/quote3c0e7e1d41]


come on writer's strike..stopppp (


05-02-2008 16:56:27

My best freebie was a free car with free gas. P


13-02-2008 11:17:40

Sandals is really overrated, but hillarious pic


13-02-2008 11:18:26



13-02-2008 13:25:15

I've been to Jamaica too and it was sweet however, there are definitely some pros and cons.

First, a pro Ziplining. If you can do this, DO IT! It is so much fun and the guys are mad cool. It's a little scary but it's so worth it.

Second, a con BEWARE If you venture off the beaten path and end up in a less touristy area as ADMIN suggests, they will harass you. It's sketchy. It's not like here. There are tons of shops and everyone stands outside and tries to lure you in to see their "wares." They're just trying to make a buck but they will rip you off any chance they get. Watch out for people offering you things. You may think it's free, but it's not. This one dude, as soon as we got off the bus, he puts these corny-ass bracelets on our wrists. Bear in mind, HE put them on US, we didn't ask for them. We thought he was being friendly. But then he said, "okay man, that's five dollars from each of you." We said, "yeah right dude," gave the bracelets back and walked away.

They will pull anything to get a buck from you, from pity acts, to putting things in your hands, to offering you services you don't want. Just be careful. OH and everyone will try to sell you pot. But they will drive you to a back alley to do it so you smoke with them and then you have to pay them for the "service of bringing you somewhere to smoke." It's just completely different there and you can get scammed easily so be careful.

It is an experience though and you'll have a blast. Like I said, check out the zip line if you can, it's amazing.