Since everyone else knew thought you all should know too...

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03-02-2008 21:59:26

I haven't been to this forum for a while because Ive been busy but I thought I should let you guys know I'm pregnant! D


03-02-2008 22:05:21

Congratulations! I wish you and your husband the best!


03-02-2008 22:29:43

I guessed the situation before got to the pregnant part for some reason. lol

Congrats ER! D


03-02-2008 22:58:33

Have you told your husband about us yet and that it's not actually his?

Congrats us!


04-02-2008 02:49:47

http/" alt=""/"520/8783/3b4c344464c818e6472cce7cc0.jpg[" alt=""/img15b648b18b]

Just a playful tease... Congratulations, PH!

When the time comes, are you going to find out what the baby's gender is beforehand or do you want it to be a surprise?

Either way, let us know when you find out and what names you will be considering. D


04-02-2008 06:25:13

Congrats! Welcome to... uhh... paradise! Yeah, paradise! At least for the first 13-14 years. After that you'll wish you just had dogs! lol


Kids are great, but I thank God every day that I'm on my last teenager and she'll (hopefully) get out of the house in another year. In the meantime we enjoy the grandkids, spoil them rotten, then send them home. So congrats to your parents and in-laws too. ;)


04-02-2008 06:57:43

Congrats! I'll be heading down that route in about 2 1/2 years-ish with the hubby, I think. Be prepared for everyone and their mother to now give you their 'advice' and child rearing theories. Just learn to nod and say "Uh huh, right, oh that sounds like a good idea" D


04-02-2008 12:22:24

Congrats pancake head!


04-02-2008 12:55:18



04-02-2008 14:02:44

[quotea2bf2d355e="h3x"]http/" alt=""/"520/8783/3b4c344464c818e6472cce7cc0.jpg[" alt=""/imga2bf2d355e][/quotea2bf2d355e]

I've always just assumed they adopted that kid haha.


04-02-2008 14:24:11


Please be sure to take a photo of the baby with a pancake on his/her head and share it with us.


04-02-2008 15:14:50

grats )


04-02-2008 16:29:50

Congrats !!

sandra habina

05-02-2008 00:32:21

That is wonderful news. All the best to you dear one. Congrats.

It is the greatest joy of all. )


05-02-2008 11:40:01

Thanks guys! Im going to def find out the gender but we already decided on names and I even have the theme of the room in mind - Totoro/Ghibli, lol.

Im scared and excited at the same time - now only if I could get over my cold could I really enjoy my pregnancy - no morning sickness still.


05-02-2008 11:40:50

[quotea6d9222299="theysayjump"]Have you told your husband about us yet and that it's not actually his?

Congrats us![/quotea6d9222299]
Yep I told him, he said he would still pay for it and even keep it if we decided to run off and move to Japan on a whim.


05-02-2008 11:57:31

EVEN if? I thought that's what we had decided?

Oh well, at least he's cool with it.


05-02-2008 11:59:41

[quoteb37de46d5e="theysayjump"]EVEN if? I thought that's what we had decided?

Oh well, at least he's cool with it.[/quoteb37de46d5e]

I told him it was an if because I want the baby to be born first and THEN move to Japan. If not we can go now, I wonder how much Air Mail would cost to ship a baby back to the US?


05-02-2008 13:08:30

Chop it up and it'll fit in a smaller, flat-rate box.


05-02-2008 13:15:36

YAY FOR A BABY!!! Get ready for Dr bills out the WAZOO!


05-02-2008 13:26:01

How do babies form? Is it a miracle or not?

I know babies are form Because of a mixing of a female egg and a man sperm, but this is not the answer I am looking for. I hate foolish answer. How can two non-live matter produce life? Tell me how can it be. There is no reasonable explanation to human's life. So why can't we believe it is God's work? a man can say there is no god if he has a reasonable answer concerning his existence, which he can't do. Where would this knowledge come from? his knowledge must come from above, because humans are born without knowledge.


05-02-2008 13:32:20

And no questioning where God came from. He never was babby always existed and not needed to way instain mother.


05-02-2008 18:19:22

who kill thier babbys. becuse these babby cant frigth back?


06-02-2008 15:36:48

I feel like I lost all semblance of sanity reading the last few posts.


06-02-2008 17:20:15

It was kind of an inside joke between us and the internet. Hope we didn't hijack your thread...the news is great!


06-02-2008 18:19:27



08-02-2008 06:54:21



08-02-2008 15:44:51

That's awesome!!! Congrats! Babies are so wonderful (especially when they're asleep). Ask any parent, they'll tell you they spend precious minutes just staring at their sleeping infant - even when there's a boatload of dishes or laundry to be done. And if you do decide to run off to Japan, give me a holler, that's where I grew up (a very awesome experience!).


10-02-2008 11:29:32

Congratulations, that's great! )