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30-01-2008 12:32:24

Hi I'm brand new to the whole free trading websites and forums.

Here's a bit about me. I came through Project Payday. I signed up hoping to make a little extra income. My husband is in the military and the low pay and moving around the country has taken a huge toll on our finances. We can barley make ends meet.

I also have two kids and child care costs are totally insane! I needed a way to make just a little bit from home and I hope I have found it.

As you may have guessed, I am currently only interested in doing the referrals that you pay me cash once i go green for you. I also need the offers that are either initially free or very low cost up front ($5 or less).

I really want to go green for you because i need your payment. I have no problem doing the offer first and receiving payment from you after you see I went green. As long as you come through too and pay me that is javascriptemoticon(')')
Smile !

I really hope there are people out there who can help me. I want as many referrals as I can get. Did I mention I have student loans to pay off too?javascriptemoticon('wink')
Wink wink

I would totally appreciate any help or offers asap!

Thanks so much!

-Hoping to get some food money,

p.s.- I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions and I sure hope I did this right


30-01-2008 13:33:42

Just don't let the vultures take advantage of you...


30-01-2008 13:37:56

Hi and Welcome! You may want to read through things and see how this works before jumping right in to it. There are a lot of low cost offers out there. You will need a credit card to do them regardless of cost. There are also no cc sites out there. Good luck and happy trading. Go ahead and click on the link in my sig to see the sites I have and PM me if you are interested or have any questions.


30-01-2008 14:14:02

^ cough cough


30-01-2008 14:51:29

[quoteaef4105812="Jams44"]^ cough cough[/quoteaef4105812]

Just trying to help, jams, which is more than you are doing...


30-01-2008 15:52:49

Good luck. The freebie world isn't the best right now...offers are sparse and much more difficult...requirements are high.

I'd recommend doing Freepay. People will tell me I'm nuts for this...but Freepay still has some easy offers and LOW LOW LOW requirements.

However, you may want to find friends to do it. Sign up...and get friends to sign up to blockbuster. Or if you have a blog or's easy to get friends to sign up to Blockbuster or Great Fun.

As a second doable but certainly much more difficult than it once was.

Best of luck to you!!!!! I greatly respect your situation, so feel free to contact me for help. I won't try to get you to do my refs, as I don't even have any sites I'm working on!!


30-01-2008 22:14:28

p1cz plz or u rn't rEal!!