Collecting Unemployment?

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23-01-2008 12:43:12

I was a part time manager on duty for Hollywood Video

and I have been working there for 2 years

The first year I average 30hours a week

and the second year I avg 20hours a week

what are the requirements to collect an unemployment? Im 21 and over


23-01-2008 12:53:01

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23-01-2008 12:58:45

good god google.


here's a link for you to click on



23-01-2008 14:46:37

It varies by state (as doylnea so subtly and eloquently alluded to in his Google link), but most states don't extend unemployment benefits to part time workers.

31 states do not, to be exact, according to this 2002 article[=http//]this 2002 article (no idea as to its credibility, though).